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  • Author Alston Godbolt
  • Published September 17, 2020
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Ecommerce is huge, there’s no doubt about it, shopping on the Internet in 2020 has never been bigger. Shopping online has become so big that companies like are causing physical stores like Kmart, and Best Buy, to close local stores all over the US.

Millions of people the world over are making money selling products online. However, you don’t have to have a product of your own to sell; there are many thousands of products out there that are available for affiliate sales. One of the biggest affiliate programs going is, there are literally tens of thousands of products that you can promote as an affiliate and earn a commission without ever touching the product

In other words, you can choose to sell a product for which you don’t own or you can also sell digital products that you didn't create or own the copyright on, but the person who does own the copyright will pay you a commission for every item you sell on their behalf. This is called an affiliate program, and it is one of the most exciting ways to make money online.

There is a ton of money just waiting to be made selling products as an affiliate, but only if you know how to choose the right products to sell. After all, the greatest product in the world will not make you any commissions if it is not in demand and you are not able to actually sell it to real customers.

So how are you supposed to figure out which affiliate products you should and should not try to sell? Start off with products that you have a personal interest in yourself this way when you're creating your sales materials to be excited about the product that you're working on selling.

In a lot of ways affiliate marketing is no different than your regular job, you definitely want to be excited about the product you're selling to enjoy the most success.

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