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  • Published September 22, 2020
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The LG UM7300 smart television offers the user an excellent entertainment experience. The television is manufactured by LG. LG is an incredible electronics manufacturer. They design all sorts of appliances. The brand has experience creating cell phones, televisions, players, smart appliances, and so much more.

One of the greatest benefits provided by the LG UM7300 smart tv is peace of mind. Because the product is manufactured by a reputable brand, you can depend on it. You’ve likely used a product manufactured by LG before, so you know that the products are dependable and high-quality


Aside from the reputable brand, the LG UM7300 offers multiple other benefits and features. Check them out below.

● Quad Core Processor


● Active 4K HDR

● Wide Viewing Angle

● AI Based Entertainment

● Built-In Airplay 2


This television offers an amazing picture and performs extraordinarily well, but it does have a con.

● Set-up and adjustments must be made before use.

Quad Core Processor

The quad core processor is an incredible technology utilized in the creation of the LG UM7300. It drastically improves the images, action, and color. It also works to eliminate common problems with low-quality televisions, such as; vision blur and additional noise due to vision and audio. This processor also works to enhance sharpness and portray more accurate colors.


Most modern televisions advertise the addition of a virtual assistant, such as Alexa, or google assistant. The LG UM7300 offers even more than this. This television offers the artificial intelligence of both Alexa and Google assistant. The addition of these two technologies allows you to control and navigate the televisions offerings more easily and efficiently.

Built-In Airplay 2

The LG UM7300 features a built-in airplay 2. This allows you to quickly and easily cast any showing from an apple iPhone or laptop onto your television. This is extremely convenient and makes the process very simple.


This television provides viewers with an extraordinary showing experience. The video is sharp and concise. The sound is crisp and clear. The LG UM7300 includes a stand, but is also capable of being mounted on your wall. This allows you to conveniently place the television in the place where it will be most easily seen. The LG UM7300 can be held to a higher standard than its competitors.

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