Bad Driving Habits

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  • Published September 29, 2020
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Bad driving habits are the main causes of accidents on our roads. Firstly, drinking and driving is a worldwide bad habit that contributes to a larger percentage of accidents on the roads. When driving under the influence of alcohol, or any other substance, it is indeed an awful combination. Despite the effort to hunt down drivers under the influence of alcohol, many have not taken heed. The Federal Bureau of Investigation shows that about 1.4 million drivers were arrested in 2010 while driving under the influence of alcohol. Out of these, 28% of the drivers were involved in fatal accidents.

The second reason is the use of mobile phones while driving. This involves holding conversation or texting. In reality, one cannot be texting and at the same time concentrating on what is ahead. In fact, the US Department of Transportation states that 1.6 million accidents are related to the use of a cellular phone. In addition, Virginia Tech Driving Institute stipulates that those individuals who use mobile phone while driving have about 23% higher risk of being involved in an accident.

Driving while the fog lights are on when it is not necessary is mainly done by inexperienced drivers, who may even forget when to turn on or off the lights. They forget that these lights communicate much to those either behind or ahead and can easily cause accidents. This ignorance habit can cost one’s life. This is coupled with the habit of not observing traffic lights. Most drivers ignore traffic lights and assume that people will understand they are in a hurry. This is a habit that can cost one’s life and endanger others.

Eating while driving is another bad habit since some drivers think they can do many tasks at a time. This puts one into a higher risk as one may not be able to concentrate on the road effectively. This is because one may be taking hands off the steering wheel. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, when a driver is eating on a highway, there are higher chances of being involved in an accident by 80%. Therefore, food and drinks on a highway can be more alarming than texting. Another bad driving habit is lane hogging and jumping queue. This is a major cause of distraction and traffic jams on major highways. This is caused by bad habits possessed by drivers of not being patient or considerate of other drivers. They just want to reach faster not considering their safety or that of others. They may be knocked by standers or even an oncoming car.

Arguing, holding serious conversations or even fighting while driving is another bad habit that causes accidents. These actions release one’s emotions and influence one’s actions simply because someone may distract one’s attention off the road. Indeed, an individual’s mental state is crucial. Therefore, when one is not calm and concentrated, he/she is likely to be involved in an accident. It is advisable that the battles should be taken off the wheel. Improper indication while on the highway is another bad driving habit. Indication is mainly done using rear lights. However, some drivers do not understand the essence of such indication before taking an action such as turning right or left. Some go to the extent of moving their head out through the driver’s door and shouting to other drivers while may be taking a turn. In fact, such a habit can be very disgusting to others. Other major bad habits in driving include overspending and failure by drivers to check and adhere to road signs.

In conclusion, from the above analysis, millions of accidents around the world are as a result of bad driving habits. Although most drivers are always aware that they are not doing what is right, they ignore and never give heed. The result is that they end up losing their life and endangering other road users.

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