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  • Published October 3, 2020
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Let’s help maintain social distancing and physical separation with vinyl barriers and protect your customers. When it comes to maintaining privacy, cleanliness in work and public spaces; Screen Dividers & Protectors which are made up of marine-grade vinyl play an important role in order to promote social distancing to a great extent. With varieties of panel dividers and protectors, you can shop a list of products that can be easily and instantly added to any retail or commercial area. Places, where Screen Separators & Barriers are majorly needed, are given below:






Grocery stores

Ticket counters

Checkout areas

Parlors & saloons

Safeguard everyone with EP8 Screen panels

In the phase of COVID-19 and social distancing, safeguard your workplace with an extraordinary newly-launched screen divider & protector. Quality construction made up of stainless steel and machined aluminum brackets and made of marine-grade vinyl used with a vinyl banner. Using a vinyl screen assures that it will not harm the material if hit by accident and can be replaced with banner advertising if required.

Features of vinyl banners in EP8 screens are as follows:

Completely customized - Design, colors, sizes.

Durable and versatile.



Fully adjustable.


Best for business goals.

Perfect as transitional signage.

Looks professional and eye-catching.

Perfect for reinforcing brand or logo.

The best part of the screen is that it is well-suitable in moist locations because the whole set-up is based on stainless steel so it is totally rust-free. When it’s length is considered, separate units can be joined together to form a distant separation product. The height of the screen is adjustable, so it is well suited for all retail and commercial places. One of the major features is that the lower horizontal can be set to any height and also, you can fold over the material, install the clip or clamp and then cut off the excess material. This helps you to set the whole system to the height as needed for your space. Optional plexiglass hardware brackets will help you with mechanical attachments accordingly. Take care of yourself and your dear ones, as EP8 Screen Divider & Protector is NSF certified and UPS-able for quick shipping.

Major features of Screen Dividers & Protectors:

Stainless and Machined aluminum components

Rust-free and well-suited for moist locations

Fully adjustable

Plexiglass hardware brackets available (optional)

UPS able for quick shipping

NSF certified

Durable and lightweight

Quick and easy installation

No extra hardware required

Easy to wipe clean with a disinfectant spray

Let’s get back to Business

EP8 Screens are protection walls that are easy to assemble, easy to adjust, easy to position at various angles, easy to clean and easy to move around. Vinyl banner panels are offered blank, printed with your desired artwork or your advertisement. Similar to the sneeze guard, you can safely clean and disinfect the banners with the most non-abrasive cleaners: Disinfecting wipes, sprays, multi-surface cleaners, mild liquid soaps or bleaching solutions. In order to install the product at your workplace, you will get customized dimensions of size, shape, style and options that will perfectly meet your specs. Hurry up and be ready to take the first step towards social distancing. Stay protected, stay safe!!

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