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  • Author Imo Wimana
  • Published October 4, 2020
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The internet is the gateway to success for artists, but its navigation is the downfall of many. That’s where Raptology takes the reins.

With the inclusion of the internet into the music industry, the game quickly changed from the norm. What took months, even years to reach the masses, now could be before millions of listeners in a matter of seconds. This gave way to a boom in artists wanting a cut of the profits and fame associated with the rap lifestyle. Unfortunately, that would turn out to be a problem in itself for artists trying to make a name in the industry. The influx of rappers saturated the game to the point where so many variations of music became available at once, that being discovered over all of it was a matter of chance, or who you knew that could help shed buzz on your name.

The dream of becoming a famous rapper began crumbling for many, but, this became the inspiration for the birth of a platform that would bring the dreams of all those struggling to make it, to life. Raptology saw the gap within the industry and the unfair advantage that was held over those who had connections, and those who didn’t. While acts that were talentless rose to the top due to their connections, those gifted with lyricism fell to the bottom of the ladder with no help to be discovered by the masses. Raptology, was founded in 2017 within the heart of one of hip-hop’s most prominent origins, New York, with one sole purpose, to discover new artists while honoring the established ones. It is the hub for everything hip-hop; an online magazine for Hip-Hop and R&B enthusiasts world-wide with the means and resources to correctly shift the paradigm of the culture to the digital world. Whether news, Lifestyle trends, Cover Art or Events listings, Raptology covers every aspect of hip-hop and the music industry to which it resides.

With the entrance of Raptology into the industry, artists flocked to their platform in an attempt to gain a leg in the rap game, and their reputation quickly spread of their hard work and dedication to artists they helped become discovered. It became evident, that Raptology and its founders were committed to honoring Hip-Hop’s finest, while also pledging support to innovative upcoming artists. They became the light for many struggling to find their place in the music industry and set many on the path to success. Raptology houses audiences worldwide, with daily traffic of persons eager to hear and learn of the freshest artists and keep up to date on the happenings of the hip-hop world. What Raptology has accomplished spans across an international scale, dominating mainly in the USA, UK, Canada and Australia.

As their presence and notoriety grew, Raptology expanded their resources to upcoming artists, giving them a chance at accessing the full capabilities of their platform with a monthly Rap Contest. It was created in line with their commitment to discover new talents in the Rap Industry. The contest is split into three categories, Rap Song of The Month, Rap Video of the Month, and Rap Cover Art of The Month. Winners of the online Competition are announced on Raptology`s Website and Social Media and their reward holds its worth it gold. They receive an Exclusive Promo Package. A package that normally costs $300 and includes permanent placement on Raptology’s social media with their contact information as well, is given all for free.

Raptology goes this hard for hip-hop and aspiring artists because they hold a deep passion and love for the genre. They not only make the resources to become the next buzzing rapper available to any artist, but they also give guidance and advice to help mold an artist to be their best self. With this intent their wisdom and advice to artists remains grounded in hip-hop’s core principles, “Continue to perfect your craft and become the best you can be. The industry can be tough on newcomers but know that there’s always a friend in Raptology. Believe in yourself no matter who doubts, and use the critiques and haters to fuel your motivation. Learn the business and never sell yourself short for money. It’s a marathon, not a race.” Their undying resolve to be of aid to artists shows in everything they embody and do.

Raptology’s overtaking of the music publication and marketing business emerged to uplift the state of R&B and Hip-Hop. While they feel that hip-hop is alive, its pulse often times feels to fade by the lack of power held by true artists to hip-hop who respect the culture and craft. They want to be more than just a period in hip-hop’s history, they want to be burnt into its pages, to be remembered as a platform that became the crotches for hip-hop when it was most vulnerable and the medium that launched many talented artists to stardom. That, is their legacy, one that speaks more to what they did for hip-hop, than to what they benefited from it. Raptology doesn’t shy away from any new wave of artists that comes to the table, but they do resonate most with music of substance rather than lackluster rhymes and flows. They are true believers that what hip-hop needs more of is less of the repetitive “money, drugs, hoes” personas, and more of the conscious lyricist like J Cole and his peers that make you think and reflect on yourself and the world.

Conscious rap doesn’t have to be just scientific metaphors or conversations using big terms and words. That’s where many artists are mistaken and avoid that style of lyricism. Conscious rap is less about just the lyrical ability, but rather the emotion behind the words; the meaning, the purpose, the intrigue of painting a vivid picture and telling a story so compelling that it sucks the listener in and leaves a lasting impression on the mind, heart, and soul. Raptology encourages all artists of hip-hop, whether successful or aspiring, to never give up and continue towards their dreams. Their help is always extended, and their reputation speaks for itself.

Raptology welcomes artists to trust in their passion and interconnected platform to give them the edge they need to excel in the industry. Their track record in breaking artists into the industry is top notch.

Imo Wimana Chadband, known to the creative world as Wimana, is a music enthusiast, songwriter, poet, author, and screenwriter, with 10+ years’ experience working in the creative world.

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