White Reclaimed Wooden Platform Bed Frames

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  • Published October 20, 2020
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White Reclaimed Wooden Platform Bed Frames

A bed is one of the essential furniture at home. You spend close to 8 hours a day in bed. Balancing between durability, comfort, and style is a big challenge for many, especially when working with the reclaimed wood platform bed frame.

Once you hit the market, the big worry for many shoppers is what if you get the wrong a combination? To make everything simple for you, we have looked at various white reclaimed platform bed combinations that could suit your bedroom. Even with all this information, you still need to hit the market and see that which suits you perfectly.

  1. Sullivan Collections

The most striking thing about this type of bed frame is a significantly large headboard. The platform bed is available in upholstery options of 11 fabric choices and five leather choices. Apart from white, the bed is available in 29 fabric colors and 15 leather colors.

All these sizes have adjustable bases. With this type of bed, you don't need a box spring, and the mattress can sit comfortably on the top foundation. Depending on the height you are looking for in a bed, you have three heights to choose from. Too bad for you if you require clearance space beneath the bed.

  1. St James Collections

The detailed woodwork on the frame and headboard brings out a highly commanding presence. However, you can choose to go with or without a headboard. The platform bed comes with vast upholstery options of 136 fabric options and 43 leather options. They are available in three options California King, Queen, and King.

When it comes to color options, you have 29 fabric and 15 leather colors to choose from. Additionally, you don't need a box spring to support the mattress. Well, if you have a problem with storage, you have enough space beneath the bed to store some of your staff. I love the old vibe that this style tries to bring out.

  1. Martens Collections

Martens's collection style is almost similar to St. James; however, it seems a little modern. The platform bed features a wood framed upholstered headboard. The hard corners of the bed are rounded with upholstered sections. Just like many other platform beds, you do not require a box spring to hold your mattress.

The platform bed comes in three options King, Queen, and California King. Various other options available for the bed is adjustable base and Canopy. The mattress foundation also has three heights to choose from. Additional collections on this platform bed are the nightstands and dressers. Many people, however, argue that this collection is too modern for their liking.

  1. Reclaimed Russian Oak Collection

The sturdy platform bed offers one of the best collections you will ever ask for in a bed. What is eye-catching about this type of mattress is the combination of rustic bed and grandeur canopy. The nightstand that comes with this collection is well made. Everything about this bed is of the right quality pieces.

You have four finish colors of wood to choose from and are available in three sizes king, queen, and California. The additional available options for this type of platform beds are Nightstands, Dressers, and Mirrors. Also, the foundation has an adjustable base, Canopy, and a Headboard Height of 38 by 48 inches.

  1. Adler Collection

If you are a fan of large headboards, there is no bigger headboard than that which is provided by this bed. It is a piece of furniture that will take centerpiece in your bedroom, whether you like it or not. Even though the sheltered details feel too closed, its tufting gives the bed an extra good look. Unless you need extra height, you do not need a box spring to support the mattress.

The platform is upholstery with 139 fabric choices and 42 leather choices to choose from. It has five size options to select from; Queen, California King, Twin, Full, and Twin. In terms of design, you will find some with or without nailheads.

Additionally, the headboard heights are available in 44, 56, 68, 80, and 92 inches.

  1. Tompkins Collection

The first sight of this bed brings out a tall upholstered headboard. Its headboard is well connected with the frame to give it maximum stability. While it has a significant wobble, it can be pushed against the wall to mitigate the problem. The bed goes entirely to the ground; hence there is no under bed storage. It comes in many options, and you can choose a fabric that works with your space well.

The platform bed comes in two styles, box or shelter box. In upholstery options, you will find 141 fabric choices as well as 53 leather choices. In terms of sizes, the bed comes in Twin, Queen, Full, California King, and Full. Some of them come with Nailheads while others come without. The available headboard height options are 44, 56, 68, 80, and 92 inches.

  1. Grayson Collection

If you are a fan of placing your bed in the middle of the room, this could be a perfect platform bed for you. The sheltered version of the headboard holds your pillow intact from falling. The foundation has adequate underneath space where you can keep your staff. It has a matching bed frame and nightstand, almost like that of crocodile skin.

The collection has 135 fabric choices and 42 leather choices upholstery to choose from. In terms of sizes, the platform bed is available in Queen, King, and California Sizes. On footboard, some come with or without headboards. With this bed, no box spring is required as the bed sits comfortably on the mattress foundation. Also, they come in three different heights.


Choosing the most suitable platform bed blend for your bedroom is not an easy task. It depends on whether your choice will lean more towards style or comfort. For me, the Russian Oak Platform bed stood out. While the technique brings out the lowest height, hence minimal or no storage space, it brings out the kind of feeling I would love in the bedroom. As I said before, it all depends on what you are looking for on a reclaimed platform bed.

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