Five Essential Marks of Catholic Schools

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  • Author Mark Wood
  • Published October 22, 2020
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A lot of parents send their kids to Catholic schools, believing these places provide outstanding quality education. However, with many high schools coming under fire for being Catholic in name only, it becomes important to ask what actually makes a good Catholic school. Here are five marks that all the best Catholic schools share and what you should look for when you find one for your kids.

Inspired by a Supernatural Vision

Catholic education is all about providing young men and women with a solid foundation to help them become good citizens of the communities and the world. The school teaches them to love God and their neighbor. This is at the heart of every Catholic education. While academic rigor and excellence matter, they aren’t the only things that matter.

Is Based on Christian Anthropology

Teachers at an excellent and reputable Catholic high school in New York keep in mind that both the natural as well as supernatural elements of the students in their care. They recognize the importance of addressing what each of those parts requires in every kid in their class. They must inspire through teaching the Christian concept of a person. They must inspire their students to achieve communion with the Magisterium of the Church. For a school to be worthy of being called Catholic, it must have one quality: it must be centered in the person of Christ. That must come through with the way the teachers interact with the students, and through the way the students interact with each other, along with everyone around them.

Moved by Communion and Community

Schools have a communal dimension, one that is deeply rooted in the social nature of human beings. We are social creatures. We need community and fellowship to live our life to the fullest. As an educational community, the school must focus on four things: in ensuring teamwork exists in everyone involved in the school; that there must be cooperation between the bishops and the educators; that this must also be reflected in the way the students and teachers interact; and this must also be present in the school’s environment. The communion is brought to life when the school and the staff focus on the importance of the sacramental and prayer life.

Curriculum with a Catholic Worldview

The character of the school must be reflective of the spirit of Catholicism. It’s not just one of the subjects that students tackle in class. Rather, it’s a faith and teaching that permeates throughout the entire curriculum. This means the lessons are focused on pro-life teaching of human growth and development in areas such as the sciences, or the teaching of Catholic principles when students learn about social justice. It’s a way of life and not just a class that students spend one hour a week studying.

Sustained by Gospel Witness

The authenticity of the staff, of how they bear witness to the gospel, is also a mark of a good Catholic school. The teachers make it possible for the students to grow in faith, especially if they are excellent role models for the kids.

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