What Causes A Good Person To Snore When Sleeping?

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  • Published October 12, 2020
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At times, snoring is nothing more than a light rustle. However, in some cases, it sounds like a saw running at full speed under the blanket. Snoring is a common problem across the world. If you look at statistics, you will come to know that more than 30 million people across America are frequent snorers. Most of these snorers are overweight. In this article, we are going to find out about some common causes of snoring. Read on to find out more.

Many people cannot sleep due to their partner snoring next to them throughout the night. Lack of sleep has a negative impact on your energy, which prevents you from working at your full potential. Therefore, you may want to understand what causes a person to snore when sleeping. Without further ado, let's check out 5 common reasons why people snore.

Older Age

People have changing sleep habits, as they get older. For some people, it takes longer to fall asleep, while others fall asleep as soon as they hit the bed. Aging also has an impact on snoring, partly because the muscles of the throat and tongue have a tendency to relax more in people who are older. This relaxation of the muscles causes a vibration that leads to snoring.

Nose and Throat Conditions

Another common cause of snoring is throat and nose conditions, such as the deviated septum, nasal polyps, and adenoids or enlarged tonsils. Apart from this, common cold and seasonal allergies may also cause a person to snore.

Sleeping Style

The sleeping style of a person and cause them to snore. For example, if you notice that you or the person sleeping next to you tend to snore more when sleeping on their back, side or stomach, this means that the snoring is triggered by a certain sleeping position.

The good news is that it is possible to train yourself so you can sleep on your belly or side. This can help you reduce your chances of snoring while sleeping.

Alcohol Use

Experts recommend wearing a nightcap for a good night's sleep. However, people tend to have a drink before hitting the bed at night. This practice can disturb your sleep, especially if you are already snoring.

The reason is that alcohol relaxes your muscles, especially the areas around your airway and throat. These muscles are responsible for the problem of snoring. Apart from this, if you have a muscle relaxant at the end of a day, you may have the problem of snoring.

Excessive Weight

If you are overweight, you are more likely to snore on a regular basis. Apart from this, obesity is one of the main factors that contribute to a lot of health issues. Being overweight is one of the primary factors that cause snoring. Actually, the extra weight around your throat and neck is to blame for snoring.

Long story short, these are some of the primary causes of snoring. If you want to get rid of this annoying habit, we suggest that you eliminate these causes.

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