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In nature, there are three categories of overweight people.

The first category is people without a predisposition to obesity, but who for one reason or another began to gain weight. This is most often associated with a decrease in physical activity. For example, women who have given birth to a child who have increased appetite and decreased physical activity. Women after hormone therapy; bedridden; suffering from rheumatism.

The second category is people inclined to be overweight. The reasons are very different - from hereditary predisposition to poor nutrition in childhood. Most often, such people have a manageable weight and lend themselves well to correction.

The third category is people with a predisposition to obesity.

All three categories of these people can use the following weight loss techniques .

Weight Loss Techniques:

Eat cold food whenever possible. When you eat hot food, you absorb not only its nutrients and calories, but also heat, and these are additional calories that will keep the body temperature - about 37 ° C, and inhibit the burning of the body's own calories. In addition, in order to absorb cold food, the body will have to warm it to core body temperature. This will contribute to slow digestion and late onset of hunger.

Drink soft drinks. Drinking 2 liters of cold water will leave the body in the form of urine heated to 37 ° C. An increase in water temperature will require energy from the body. Thus, without any special effort, the body will lose calories.

Take a lukewarm shower. This will force the body to expend 100 calories just to prevent the body from cooling. A refreshing shower works best when directed to areas where blood circulates through arteries close to the skin (armpits, groin, neck, chest). Do not wet your back and hair.

Avoid well heated areas. A room temperature of 25 ° C contributes to an increase in body weight. It needs to be lowered by 3 ° C, which will force the body to burn 100 extra calories per day.

Wear lightweight clothing, do not wear tight-fitting clothing. The clothed body always sweats a little and this fumes should be encouraged by wearing loose clothing.

These simple steps can help you lose up to 420 calories a day. However, cold alone is not enough for weight loss.

Physical activity. Exercise has always contributed to weight loss, however, there are a few rules to be aware of in order for exercise to be beneficial, not harmful. So, do not exercise during the start of the diet and rapid weight loss. Eating a diet is already a challenge, and exercise will increase fatigue and reduce the determination to stick to the diet.

Refuse the elevator. This measure will already replace physical activity at the stage of starting a new life.

Walk more. You should start with 20 minutes of walking a day, gradually increasing the time to 50-60 minutes

Eat slowly and chew well. Eating food too quickly leads to weight gain. If a person eats quickly, he stretches the stomach and only this satisfies the feeling of hunger. The slower a person eats, the more calories and nutrients reach the brain and cause satiety. Such people eat less and refuse dessert

Drink plenty of water with meals. Water will additionally fill the stomach and make you feel full. Water stops the absorption of solid food for a while. Time is given for the satiety reaction, nutrients enter the blood and brain, and a feeling of satisfying hunger appears.

Do not add to the same dish.

In conclusion, let us summarize once again what rules must be followed in order not to gain excess weight and cope with already excess pounds:

Use cold, physical activity and walking.

Drink with meals, chew food slowly and never ask for supplements.

Never hope for long-term weight stabilization, unless you give up those habits that prevent you from reaching the desired volumes.

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