How SaaS is Impacting the Restaurant Industry

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  • Author Alyscia Sutch
  • Published October 30, 2020
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Every restaurant owner wants to improve customer service in an effort to give a safe and positive customer experience. Restaurants are implementing SaaS (service as a software) technology, which includes QR codes, gift cards, loyalty and rewards programs.

Technology like that offered by Ackroo allows restaurants to attract, retain and grow their customers and their revenues. This enables the restaurant to gather customer data that is a big part of the puzzle. Without data, you miss out on big opportunities to speak directly to your audience and offer things they'll care about and attract them back to the restaurant.

Competition for restaurants can be high, so finding ways to get ahead of the competitors is key. Going from paper to plastic opens a world of opportunity for marketing and easy data viewing to see profit/loss.

Loyalty, gift cards and rewards program trends are highly beneficial to businesses because it also provides key administrative and marketing data, and increases customers spend and business revenue. This decreases the time spent on doing things that aren't the main focus of the business but still gives the results needed.

The touchless and mobile capabilities that include barcode scanning can make for a safer environment for the server and customer while speeding up the process for a positive experience.

SaaS (service as a software will continue to have a big impact as restaurants are looking at ways to attract and retain customers. Ackroo's SaaS based technology provides an in-store and online automated solution to help merchants process gift card and loyalty transactions at the point of sale, provide key administrative and marketing data, and to allow customers to access and manage their gift card and loyalty accounts.

With back-end consolidation, Ackroo offers a product that can tie all programs (POS, payment and loyalty) together to create simplified reporting. QR codes also made a tremendous comeback in 2020, especially in the restaurant world for digital menus. These trends will carry over into 2021 as more businesses are looking to streamline and simplify their business for growth.

Online reservations and signup via mobile apps, specifically COVID related for tracing purposes will continue to develop in 2021 for restaurant technology. We have seen a massive increase in mobile app adaptation and inquiries. Restaurants who encompass Service as a Software for their restaurants open a door to endless data and opportunities that would not be possible without the programs. The sooner restaurants adapt to the changing digital world, the sooner they can see the possibilities and growth.

Ackroo Marketing, is the one-stop-shop marketing platform to manage loyalty programs, gift cards & payments.

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