5 Home Improvements with the biggest ROI


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  • Published November 30, 2020
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The house market is constantly rising. If you want to further capitalise on these gains, it's a great idea to consider some home improvements. We've taken a look at 5 home improvements with the biggest ROI.


A conservatory provides additional space in your home, however this is at the expense of some garden space. The good news is that unlike house extensions, you don't need any planning permissions, as long as you don't cover more than half of the original land. Additionally, you'll be exempt from building regulations, if at least half of the new wall and three quarters of the roof is either glazed or translucent.

Average cost: £5,300

ROI: £5,750 (108%)


Many homeowners often forget about their garden - allowing grass to overgrow, becoming a messy space that is avoided, especially in winter. However, a front garden is the first thing a potential buyer will see when viewing your home, similarly a well maintained garden makes a great first impression and selling point.

Average cost: £4,550

ROI: £4,000 (88%)


Like your garden, your home's exterior is one of the first thing potential buyers will see. Dirty windows, rotten wood, broken roof tiles, and a worn-out render are all things that will make a buyer turn the other way. Spending some time repairing any damages like cracks in a render or painting windows and doors will make a big difference in the value and interest in your home.

Average cost: £6,000

ROI: £4,500 (75%)


A home extension can add space to any property by expanding a room or adding more - this can also be done across multiple floors. Recently, the government has relaxed planning permission in this area - now, single-floor extensions are allowed to add 6 meters to an attached property, while 8 meters of height can be added to a detached property (without planning permissions). An extension will not only make your home a lot more spacious, it will add tremendous value.

Average cost: £19,750

Average ROI: £14,000 (71%)


A damaged or a roof that is prone to it, is going to have a big impact not only on the price of your home, but the overall interest in it. This can be avoided with consistent roof maintenance to ensure your home's roof is in good condition and free from any potential leaks.

Average cost: £4,150

Average ROI: £2,600 (63%)

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