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  • Published November 30, 2020
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What is cream box?

Creams are one of most used cosmetics product. Be it a fairness cream, medicated or moisturizing, creams are used by everyone all around the globe. Huge variety in creams has made it harder for customers to distinguish between different creams and brands. Cream boxes serve the purpose of distinguishing one brand from other. Modernization of cosmetic industry has led to use different mediums to advertise the products. Companies now use their cream boxes not only to pack the product but also to increase market visibility. Versatility in packaging industry has made it easy for companies to use different types of packaging for different cream jars. Custom cream boxes are now trending due to their unlimited customization options.

Custom cream boxes

Custom cream boxes are the new talk in packaging industry. They are become popular on every passing day as more companies are becoming aware if their benefits. Custom cream boxes allow you to freely create a box that fits perfectly to your stipulations. You can modify your cream box to enhance the patrons’ experience. You can alter every aspect of packaging like size, shape, font, material and graphics. Custom cream boxes leave an everlasting first impression on the customers. Choosing the right color, graphic and font can take your custom cream box to a whole new level which can dramatically change customer perception about your creams. Cymk and PMS color schemes drastically uplift your packaging outlook. Materials options allow you to choose thickness of material according to your product fragility. Unique artwork designed only for your brand gives your boxes a distinguished and notice worthy look. Coatings like gloss, matter embossing, raised ink and spot UV gives boxes a sleek finished look. Window die cut on box give your customer a view of packed product which increases customer interest. Gold and silver foiling gives your cream boxes an expensive look. Lamination makes your box moisture proof. In short, custom cream boxes give you unrestricted freedom to make your box as unique and beautiful as you want.

Are custom boxes durable?

Cosmetics manufacturers look for durable packaging to ensure safety of their products. Custom cardboard cream boxes are famous for their long lasting and durable nature. These boxes can withstand pressure therefore are perfect to protect the fragile jars of creams. Custom cream boxes protect the creams from any pollutants and environmental hazards. Custom Kraft cream boxes are most sustainable and economical. These boxes are gaining popularity due to their green nature. They are made of natural materials, can be recycled and upon decomposition they don't leave any toxins in environment.

Why choose us?

PackagingNinjas use fine quality materials and combine technology, knowledge and skills together to create perfect cream packaging boxes. Our designers strive hard to create unique designs that will help you a distinct position in market. We at packagingninjas put value in your brand by making boxes that gives customers satisfaction about their purchase. We imprint logos and other relevant information with eye catchy typography to help customers choose their favorite brand. Despite being best in quality our custom boxes rates are exceptionally low.


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