Why Mold Restoration is a Professional Must


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  • Published December 26, 2020
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It can be a scary feeling to discover mold in your home. You are not alone. It is estimated that more than half the houses in the US have mold problems, and Santa Rosa homes are no exception. Our cold, wet, and partly cloudy winters are the perfect breeding ground for mold.

Don’t worry! Professional mold remediation companies, like California Steam Clean, can rid your home of mold and get you back to your healthy and safe normal.

On a daily basis, everyone is exposed to mold. Spores can be found inside homes, usually brought in from outdoor sources. This minimal exposure is usually undetected. It’s when we are exposed to and inhale large numbers of mold spores at home, school, or work that health problems become evident.

Mold exposure can cause health issues like inflammation, allergy, or infections. Most common mold exposure symptoms include respiratory issues, congestion, eye irritation, cough, nose and throat irritation, and rashes. Often, mold exposure is hard to diagnose, so for long periods of time, people can be left unaware they need to look for mold growth issues.

Indoor moisture is an accelerant for mold growth. Common situations that lead to mold growth are flooding, leaky roofs, plumbing leaks, damp basements, and humidifiers. If you notice common indicators of moisture problems like warped window panes or floors or discoloration on walls and ceilings, be aware of the potential for mold growth. In time, undetected mold growth can cause significant structural damage.

Inexperience can be dangerous, especially in this situation. Mold remediation is a professional must because of its hazardous nature. Call a professional team experienced in mold remediation to help.

The first step in professional mold remediation is an accurate assessment of the problem and determination of the mold type. Different types of mold require different types of cleaning solutions and procedures not only to remediate but eradicate mold growth. As a result of this assessment, you’ll receive a written plan for mold remediation.

In order to effectively eradicate mold, professionals will find the moisture source. These issues must be remedied, or the mold will come back no matter how much cleaning and sanitizing is done. Most professional restoration companies can fix these issues. Customers typically won’t have to deal with multiple contractors or companies.

Professionals will have the appropriate cleaning solutions, sanitizers, and safety equipment necessary to eradicate your mold problem safely and efficiently. They will begin quickly so that you and your loved ones can feel confident and safe as soon as possible.

Trained to find mold in the most hard-to-find places, you can rest assured that a professional team will be trained to get rid of the mold at its source. This is important because should any spores be left behind, the mold will just keep coming back.

Mold remediation is not an issue to handle on your own. Most professionals are available 24/7 and provide customers with a satisfaction guarantee. If they don’t, find one that does! Don’t put this off. Call a professional TODAY.

California Steam Clean, a family-owned and operated water damage restoration company in Santa Rosa, has decades of experience and treats your family like you are one of their own.



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