How Air-conditioners Should Be Properly Installed And Taken Care Of


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  • Published December 31, 2020
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Air-conditioners work amazingly well and with an extended life-span if taken care of properly. When effectively installed, thoroughly and regularly cleaned along with proper use air conditioners work optimally to give much more output without having to work as hard. They need to be cared for and maintained regularly for them to be functional and useful in times of need. There are many preventive measures you can take to add more years to your air conditioner's life. You can also have an expert handle the installation and maintenance tasks, so they are done in a precise manner without any compromises and you can enjoy a comfortable environment and regulated temperature.

If you take the maintenance task to yourself, you also need to understand that there are some things that you can and cannot handle. If you take the more technical tasks to yourself, you are sure to cause some damages and faults that won't be reversible. For this reason and many others, keep the maintenance and preventive tasks to yourself while leaving the technical bits to experts. This way you can ensure longevity for your appliance and prevent any serious damages that might cause costly repairs. Mentioned below are some tips on taking better care of your appliance while you enjoy a comfortably regulated environment.

Change or Clean your Filters Regularly

Dirty filters hamper your AC's efficiency and power-saving capacity. For this reason, clean and get your AC's filters repaired on a regular basis for your air conditioner to work on an optimal level. Since the conditioners are used most during the hotter months of summer, it becomes important to remove the dirt particles and dust that may clog the ducts and hence the cooling capacities. If they become absolutely dirty with lots of wear and tear, you might want to replace the air filter and have an expert look into the matter. The expert AC installers at Altona know well how to service your AC properly enough and understand its unique requirements.

Fix Any Leaks

Your air conditioner's ducts can lose out on about 30 per cent of air cooling because of leaks, and particularly window AC units are very tough to seal sufficiently. You can detect leaks using an incense stick and hold it at the meeting point of the AC and your window or the duct connections (for central ACs). You can use duct tapes or other stationery items to seal, stuff or close the space between that is causing the leaking. Early detection and quick action on the issue of leaking can help save your bills and increase your appliance's life span.

Annual Maintenance

Annual Maintenance is extremely crucial not just to prep your air conditioner for the season but also to detect any defects, problems or repair work early so it doesn't pile on to large bills. You should preferably want to schedule your checkups before the season kicks in and get a thorough inspection done. Your expert should do proper cleaning and inspection of coils, filters and if need be, replace them. The service should also include lubricating motors and bearings, inspecting controls and temperature regulation, and getting fan belts adjusted.

Check the Condensing Unit

Condensing units usually go haywire because of the fan attached to the condenser. To safeguard against this, always make sure to inspect the fan regularly. Keep a check on the condition of the fan blades and if you notice any cracking or problem with the blades of the fan, get them replaced. Apart from the fan, pay heed to any overheating, burnt wires or insulations that might need repairs. In case of such major repair tasks, have an expert handle it. The Condensing Unit is a major part of the AC and should be taken care of adequately.

Proper Earth Leakage Breaker is a Must

When getting an air conditioning system installed, an earth leakage breaker is must along in the location of the AC. If you don't get one installed, the unit will be prone to electric shocks as you operate it. Also don't connect the earth cable to a gas/telephone/water pipe at any cost. The location of the AC also matters, ensure there are no flammable gases in the vicinity of your AC as that can pose a lot of dangers. Furthermore, remember to ensure that your drain pipe doesn't contain any water while being installed.

Check the thermostat

During your regular maintenance check-ups, get the thermostat inspected. When your air conditioner's thermostat works optimally, you can enjoy a static temperature and hence a comfortable environment.

If you haven't already, get your thermostat upgraded to a programmable one and feel the difference for yourself. It basically gives you better control over the temperature in your house, so you and your family can thoroughly relax! It also helps you save up on power bills.

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