What Was the Original Purpose of Fireworks?

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  • Published January 1, 2021
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Fireworks are believed to have been invented in China a thousand years ago. The first type of fireworks were bamboo stalks, that when burnt in the fire, would produce a bang due to the hollow air gap present between them. It is also believed the first noted invention of fireworks was when somebody left bamboo stalks over coal for long. The heat caused expansion and made it explode.

The original purpose of fireworks at that time was to scare off evils spirits and bring good fortune. The fireworks then evolved, and it is said that old Chinese chemists started mixing potassium nitrate, sulfur, and charcoal to produce a black powder. This is also famous as the first-ever gun powder. This powder was filled in bamboo sticks and then burnt at one end. The thing used to explode and produce a banging sound. Bamboo sticks were later replaced with paper tubes. These are known as man's first handmade fireworks.

In the 13th century, fireworks entered Europe and were used as a part of celebrations. The purpose of fireworks adopted by the Europeans was to use them for religious festivals and public entertainment. To date, they are being used for the same purpose. Italians were the first Europeans who started manufacturing fireworks. European rulers at that time were fond of fireworks and used to like the display on every occasion. It was also a medium used to illuminate castles and monarchs on important occasions. The Europeans also used fireworks to celebrate the victories of the armed forces. Since there were no modes of communication at that time. Fireworks were used to inform the public about a victory or a happy event.

Early settlers in the United States took fireworks with them. That’s how fireworks were brought to the American continent. It is believed that Captain John Smith was the first man on American land to set off a fireworks display. It was held in Jamestown, Virginia. John Smith among his other fellows used fireworks to celebrate special occasions. Later it became normal in the United States like other parts of the world.

Fireworks were used as a part of the very first Independence Day celebration of the United States of America. This tradition continues every 4th of July when Americans celebrate the Day of Independence. The magnificent display of light and color is followed by parades, bonfires, and different festivals.

Fireworks put a spectacular show of light and color in the sky. People look over the illuminated sky and feel overwhelmed. It is a source of entertainment for the public. The scenic views formed by exploding fireworks look beautiful. It is a breath-taking sight people love to watch.

Today people use fireworks to celebrate several religious and cultural events. There are several types of firecrackers available in the market. They are a part of new year celebrations all over the world. In many parts of the world, fireworks are used at wedding celebrations. There are several options when purchasing fireworks for an occasion. For small celebrations, Cheapest Selection Boxes can be purchased and used at the event.

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