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Firework Safety Tips- How to Enjoy Fireworks Safely?
By Jonathan Lynch · 2 days ago
In the United States, around 10,000 people make it to emergency rooms due to firework-related injuries. It is not the United States alone; it is the whole world where firework-related incidents happen. Children are the ...
What Was the Original Purpose of Fireworks?
By Jonathan Lynch · 2 weeks ago
Fireworks are believed to have been invented in China a thousand years ago. The first type of fireworks were bamboo stalks, that when burnt in the fire, would produce a bang due to the hollow ...
Can Firework Cause an Explosion?
By Jonathan Lynch · 1 month ago
Fireworks have been known for various traditional and ritual celebrations. The preparations for the night of 31st December to celebrate New Year Eve are acknowledged around the world! Giant Fireworks in Manchester are a part ...