Firework Safety Tips- How to Enjoy Fireworks Safely?


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  • Published January 13, 2021
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In the United States, around 10,000 people make it to emergency rooms due to firework-related injuries. It is not the United States alone; it is the whole world where firework-related incidents happen. Children are the most vulnerable of all, who fall prey to firework-related mishaps. I wonder why we have tagged the celebrations and fireworks along. It is very important to stay alarmed and careful while dealing with sparklers and fireworks. Do not destroy yours and your loved one’s sheer pleasure of events due to negligence and carelessness.

Following are the tips to enjoy fireworks safely:

1- Buy legal fireworks:

Buy the firework with a CE mark on them. The illegal fireworks do not have labels of the name of the manufacturer and the directions and usually, come with the names M-80 and M100. Do not buy fireworks that come in brown packaging because they are for the professionals. Also, if you think you can make fireworks at home you are wrong, you can surely make a prototype but not functional fireworks. Avoid making them at home and only use legal ones that you get at the market.

2- Keep the children away:

Always make sure that the adults handle the fireworks, from making them lit, explode, and discarding them. Keep the children at a distance where they can only see and enjoy the splash of colors and lights in the sky. Also, never let anyone be it an adult or a child to go near a dud firework. It is considered one of the most dangerous attempts in the firework. For a moment they may look like they have become fuss, but when you go near to them they can explode, which can cause intense incidents.

3- Use fireworks in open areas:

Never, ever, think to lit the fireworks indoors. You ought to not even use fireworks under a shambolic area of tree branches and especially, wires. Any contact with the wires, steel, and wood can call for a disastrous incident. Simply, use fireworks away from anything that can catch fire. It means that you must avoid taking alcohol or any fuel nearby the firework.

4- Keep the distance once they are lit:

Always make sure that you immediately run away from the place after you set the fireworks lit. When fireworks are set on fire they will launch anytime, and God forbid, if there happens a fire blast, there should be no one around. Use gloves to lit the fireworks and take more precautions like wearing sunglasses when dealing with Roman Candles Fireworks.

5- Drench fireworks with water:

If you do not know, the temperature of fireworks after launching has a temperature of 2000° Celsius, which means 20 times the boiling point. Once you are done, never think of trashing the fireworks with your hands, it can actually burn your skin. Therefore, drench the firework with water to cool down the temperature. Even after dousing, use gloves to discard them.

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