What are The Most Important Things to Do When Selling to A Customer?


  • Author Jake Mccarthy
  • Published January 2, 2021
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Making a sale is not just convincing a customer to buy your product. It is rather a way to make customers need your product and make it necessary for them. For any salesperson or business. Selling starts with understanding the requirements of the buyer. It serves as the foundation of the sale.

Understanding the buyer is not only finding their needs but knowing what a buyer needs to experience with a product or service. It is more like understanding the expectations of a buyer and fulfilling them. You can never exceed someone's expectations before you understand them.

Any new salesperson must be thinking about where to start from or how to approach the customer. What is important and what one has to do when selling to a customer. To help you in that, here are 3 important things you need to do in concluding a sale.

  1. Focus on the Buyer’s Needs

A salesperson's biggest mistake is to sell their product from the start. The start here means starting the sales conversation. Times have changed now. People are not interested in what the product is. They are more interested in what the seller has to offer them. They look for a seller who can solve their problems and takes interest in their needs.

The 1st important point in selling to a customer is to get their attention. Ask them questions about their preferences and their needs. Understand what they need and then relate your product's specifications with their usage. You can ask them as many questions as you want, but they all should be relevant. Irrelevant questions might annoy them and lose their interest.

  1. Sell Benefits Not Features

Another important thing is not to oversell your product. Many customers might not be interested in the technical details of your product. All they need to know is, how it would benefit them. Here you have to sell the features of the product, not the benefits of it.

For example, if you say that your car has a headlamp that has 25W halogen bulbs. The customer may not understand this and get confused. Instead, you can tell them that the headlights of this car will allow you to see 25% further at night.

Similarly, you can relate to other things too. Just like you talk about a smartphone. If you say the screen is 6 inches in size. It might put the customer in thinking about the size. Where if you say that the screen is big enough to help you view your documents, watch movies on a bigger screen, and open multiple windows easily for multi-tasking. This would attract them more.

  1. Know the Right Timing of the Deal

Knowing the right timing of the deal can be difficult. You cannot be pushy, and you have to hit the ball at the right time. But once you have completed your questioning and know that your product can help solve their problem. You can immediately start showing them your product and tell them its benefits. Again, you do not have to oversell the features here. Make sure you target the needs of the customer and then close a sale.

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