What Are Some Bad Sleeping Habits?


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  • Published January 10, 2021
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If you feel sluggish and drained the whole day, you probably have bad sleeping habits. According to medical science, humans need to complete 7-9 hours of sleep per day. It is one of the important aspects of a healthy life. Sleeping is not merely a resting time; it is the time when your body regulates emotions. Sleep deprivation affects the metabolism and the body’s internal clock.

As children, the sleeping cycle remains stable but as we grow up it is disrupted due to irregular activities. In fact, some of the bad habits influence our sleep cycles and deprives us of completing them. One should sway out these habits to remain healthy and active.

5 Bad Sleeping Habits That You Need to Quit Right Now Are:


If you think going to bed at 3: 00 am, after streaming Netflix is the right choice. You are on the wrong side. Binge-watching movies and TV series till late at night might be entertaining but is very unhealthy. The light from the screens keeps you awake, and you keep pressing NEXT… NEXT... on the screen, unless you realize just 3 hours remain for the morning. It is important to stop using gadgets like phones, tablets, and laptops for at least one hour before sleeping. There is also a case of people who do not ever get sleepy, called Insomnia. Insomniacs are treated with behavioral therapy in case of chronic insomnia. However, acute insomnia can be treated with pills and oils like CBD oil for insomnia.

Tea/Coffee Before Bed

We think that the right time to have coffee and tea is bedtime. Wrong. The caffeine in tea and coffee stimulates the nervous system. It helps you in keeping you awake and active rather than making you feel sleepy. Hence, having coffee or tea at bedtime or even late in the day is not a great choice at all. If you are a coffeeholic, have some in the day, it will keep you energetic and active.

Workout Before Bed

The evening workouts improve sleep, but the workout an hour or two before bed causes interruptions in the sleep. The morning workout is important for mental clarity and activeness. The workout at night produces adrenaline in the body that hinders sleep.

Late Dinner

Usually, people dine at 11:00 pm, which means they will at least sleep at 12:00. It is a very disturbing cycle because on one hand, sleeping right after having food is unhealthy and on the other hand, sleeping at mid-night itself is a bad habit. Generally, you should have your dinner at 8:00 pm and sleep at, at least, 10:00 pm. It will provide your body enough time for digestion and you will properly complete your sleep.

Irregular Sleeping Habits

When people sleep at irregular timings, they become unable to sleep at one right time. If you have the habit of taking naps in the afternoon, then change it. It is the reason that keeps you up at night. Also, binge-sleeping on weekends and not sleeping on weekdays disrupts the sleeping cycle. Be it weekdays or the weekend, you should sleep at right time and wake up at right time. This is the formula for a healthy body.

Amber Hamilton is a social work planner who is qualified in Marketing (CIM), Accounting (CIMA) and Project Management. He is an expert in the strategic side of business, finance and marketing. Insomniacs are treated with behavioral therapy in case of chronic insomnia. However, acute insomnia can be treated with pills and oils like CBD oil for insomnia. https://mountverdi.com/collections/sleep

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