5 Reasons You Need CCTV Cameras for Your Property

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  • Published February 6, 2021
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We can’t stress enough on how CCTV guards your property. With the advancement in technology, more and more premises are guarded by sophisticated cameras with technologies like artificial night vision, face recognition and voice activation systems. These cameras record high-quality videos that can be a piece of solid evidence to give to the law enforcement authorities should any unforeseen event happen. Today we will tell you five good reasons why you should have CCTVs installed on your premises.


These cameras are known to be monitoring the premises for twenty-four hours. The warning board “The camera’s eye is watching you”, is a huge deterrent to thieves and criminals. That is because these cameras are specifically made to detect faces and focus on them while recording. In commercial facilities, there are dedicated teams who continuously monitor the premises through these cameras. Although it is still possible that someone may still commit a crime, it reduces the overall chances of such a happening. For example, shoplifters, and thieves can easily be deterred through a visible camera.

Records Evidence

In case a crime does occur, the footage from the camera can be utilized by the police as a piece of evidence and produce it in the court of law. The newer systems have audio recording capabilities as well which gives more depth to the evidence. These footages can be very useful in many other situations as well. For example, in case of a theft, where there is no solid evidence, police can track the exit and entry of specific people after looking at the footage. These footages can sometimes give major clues to the police and help enormously in their investigation.

Twenty Four Hours Monitoring Of Suspicious Activities

Hidden cameras can record footage in case there is a suspicion of theft by a known person. For example, employers can monitor events if they suspect that a mischievous employee may steal some valuables. The hidden cameras are so small that they can be hidden easily. They can help catch such criminals red-handed. Some modern cameras also use artificial intelligence to identify suspicious activity and alert when such an event happens.

Monitors Your Indoors

CCTV cameras are as much useful inside your property as they are outside. But why would one need to monitor the insides of a property? There can be many reasons why you want to do that. If you have a busy schedule and can’t attend to your home or for instance your baby, you are likely to hire a maid or a nanny. But it is not so easy to trust someone these days. In such cases, you can monitor each second. You can see whether the maid is doing her job or not. You can see how well the nanny is taking care of your child. There have been a lot of cases of child abuse at the hands of nannies lately. CCTV cameras make sure that they monitor and prevent such events.

Maintain Records

CCTV maintains a solid record of events that can be recalled any time in the future. You can use this database to your advantage when you have to look for some evidence. For example, if there is an issue and you want to review that particular day, you can easily look in the past.

Final Word

Remember, safety is always first. We are sure that you want to secure your home after reading these points. If you want to go ahead, do consult the CCTV systems installation.

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