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  • Published March 27, 2021
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Sod---A turf grass for your lawns

Sod which is also known as turf grass is composed of small grassy square patches with a thin layer of soils underneath detained with each other by a comprehensive root system. These sort of grassy patches when installed in lawns or soils give a really fine and neat appearance and make an overall serene look. You can increase the level of tranquility around in homes, playgrounds, and golf grounds by the installation of this beautiful turf grass.

Sod installation Tallahassee

Benefits of Sod installation

Who is not aware of the benefits of grasses and greenery in this era? Yeah off course everybody knows how much is it important to have grasses and lawns around you. But here we are going to discuss the benefits of having a special type of turfgrass Sod Installation in Tallahassee for your lawns or playgrounds.

Quick lawn establishment

As Sods are already planted grasses in small patches so it is the quickest way to establish a perfect lawn by installing these patches on the required space.

Fine Finishing

Sods give an overall finest and nicest finishing look of lawns immediately after the installation hence make a good ground cover.

Prevent soil erosion and flooding

As these patches after installation completely anchor in the soil, so can prevent soil erosion and also helpful in resisting flooding.

Roofing material

In some areas of the world-like islands, Sods are used as roofing materials. Due to their incredible insulation properties, these are utilized for roofing materials.

Repairing Bare spots

Due to the intense weather or climatic conditions, some lawn patches are gone bare and damaged. In this situation, Sods installation is the best option as repairing agents for these patches.

Denser and lush greenish appearance

As Sods are professionally built-in healthy environments with the right diets, so they are greener and denser than the ordinary grassy patches.

How to Install Sod in your lawns?

The first and the foremost important thing, while you are planning to install Sods, is the measurement of your area. You need to measure your area and then convert it into square feet. Because Sods are available and sold in square feet that is why we need to convert the lawn measurement into square feet. It is easier for you to install sods if you divided your area into small patches already and then do a quick measurement of how many patches you need in each divided patch. These patches can be in the form of a square and rectangular just like as you want or as per the situation of the area. The selection of the turfgrass is also very important because there are numerous Sod types available in the market like:

· Bermuda Grass

· Centipede Grass

· Bella Bluegrass

· Zoysia Grass

· St. Augustine Grass

Sod installation Tallahassee

Why Lawn Johns is the best option for Sod Installation?

Either it’s about basic lawn care services or you need some specific treatments and services like Sod installation, Lawn John ought to be your first pick. In Tallahassee, we are working for so many years and offering our quality services to the people here and around territories. We have the latest and modern tools and machinery with the best manpower to make your lawns and playgrounds lush greens. We know the value of serenity really well that is why we are offering our eminence services in creating a soothing environment around you. We know which Sod grass is to use and how to install for a proper lawn finishing because we Lawn Johns works professionally and with complete knowledge of lawn care management.


Already planted grassy patches, especially for golf lovers known as sods, require some professional help and expertise for installation.

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