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  • Published April 4, 2021
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Fireball and Jello Shots are common gathering starters, however there's single direction to raise the stakes and take everything to the following level: consolidating the two into one. The formula is like a standard Jello Shot, yet it likewise conveys that blazing cinnamon taste that you know and love. To make it, essentially take the base soul (for this situation Fireball), a bundle of cherry or orange-seasoned Jell-O, and a blend of cold and bubbling water. The cherry or orange gelatin is significant, as it adds another layer of flavor and holds the shot back from being a one-dimensional cinnamon bomb. We feel the orange best commendations the flavor of Fireball, yet in any case, you truly can't turn out badly when Fireball and Jell-O are in the blend.

To the individuals who aren't now Fireball genuine devotees, the main thing you presumably find out about the cinnamon whisky alcohol is that it "has an aftertaste like paradise, consumes like hellfire." That by itself is reason enough for Red Hot sweets and cinnamon zest sweethearts to attempt it (and keep drinking it well into adulthood). Adding Jell-O in with the general mish-mash brings about a jiggly treat that is ideal for slipping into any friendly circumstance. It's a Jello Shot that everybody will cherish, and it's straightforward enough to prepare at home when you're in a rush and needing something that will turn your night up an indent—or three. Most amazing aspect all, even Fireball haters (and Jello Shot haters) will make the most of your endeavors as well.


1 bundle Jell-O

1 Cup Boiling Water

.5 Cup Fireball

.5 Cup Cold Water


Stage One

In a bowl, mix the Jell-O powder and bubbling water together until the entirety of the blend is disintegrated.

Stage Two

Mix in the Fireball and cold water, and blend until completely joined.

Stage Three

Empty the blend into two-ounce plastic shot cups until they are half to 3/4 full.

Stage Four

Chill for two hours, or until the blend is set.

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