How to reduce weight by doing exercise at home?

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  • Published May 3, 2021
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Exercising is one of the most essential things that one has to do to maintain their overall health. Good health also leads to body weight loss. If a person is suffering from higher body mass index, then they can face issues like hypertension, cholesterol, diabetes and other cardiovascular issues. So exercising becomes crucial to maintain the body weight.

The two major things that one has to consider when they want to lose weight is dieting and exercising. One needs to maintain a proper balance in between the two. In everyday routine one has to follow a proper diet and keep working out. If one is not very fond of hitting the gym, then they can find a way on how to workout at home.

Exercises do have plenty of health benefits which are also attached to weight loss. Exercise can also improve one’s mood and strengthen the bones. It can also reduce the chances of facing many chronic diseases.

Here are some major aerobic exercises that one can do at home in order to stay fit and healthy.

 Walking is considered to be one of the best exercises which can lead to body weight loss. Walking at a fast pace can burn calories. This can be easily added to anyone’s day by day routine because it puts minimal stress on their joints.

 Running and jogging is another great exercise for weight loss. They are total body integrated ones and it can strengthen the legs. This one can reduce the belly fat excessively. The major difference in between jogging and running is the pace. One can do either of them depending on which they are comfortable in. One can go for a set which includes walking, jogging and running. One can start with walking for 15 minutes and then increase the pace to running for the next 15 minutes. Then reduce it for jogging for the next 10 minutes. Finally, one can relax their body and slow down their pace to walking again.

 Jumping rope or skipping can also offer a complete body workout because it helps to increase the metabolism rate, muscle strength and burn many calories at the same time. Skipping can be done as a regular exercise routine and doing that can bring calmness and eases anxiety in an individual. This particular workout also increases the heart rate which leads to faster pumping of blood and so it keeps the heart under a better condition. According to many experts, skipping on a daily basis can burn at least 1200 calories per hour. When skipping, one has to choose a flat surface and make sure that the feet are together, and they are pointing straight. The jumping speed also needs to be constant.

 Plank is a full body exercise. The best thing about this exercise is that it can target the major muscle groups in the body. It can strengthen the shoulder, muscles in the core, chest, arms, back and hips. It can also burn excess fats and calories in the body quickly. Though the exercise seems to be easy, it is actually quite intense and exhausting. One needs to focus on holding on the plank position for a longer period of time to get better results. They have different variations which target different muscles in a body. Each variation is helpful, and it increases body balance and endurance. There is a standard plank which is also known as the extended arm plank. They are the best for the beginners and help one to build up the core strength. This activity is also great in improving metabolism and digestion. The forearm plank on the other hand is good for arms, back and shoulders.

 Push ups are the most popular exercises. This can be done by anyone, anytime. This particular exercise is great for weight loss and it burns calories as well. This can also help one to build muscles in the upper body. It focuses on the shoulders, back, biceps and triceps.

Apart from these, squats and lunges are the two forms of exercise that one can do at home in order to get a fitter body and reduce their excess weight so that they can stay healthy.

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