What Is a Subway Tile Pattern?


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  • Published May 29, 2021
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One of the trendiest tiles worldwide and in the UK, are subway tiles. The material and the finish is simply perfect for kitchens and kitchenettes. They can be marble, stone, ceramic and the designs are endless to keep track of. Other than the print and the shade tone of the tile =, what matters is the symmetry of each tile in place. This is what makes the entire place outstand even plain white subway tile, the alignment of the tile counts the most.

Beloved Subway Tile Symmetries

Here below is a list of those few famous trends to tile subway tiles on your wall. They work exceptional on a backsplash due to their glossy texture and perfect size.

The Step Ladder Design

They say old is gold, and indeed it is. The stepladder trend has been on shower walls of bathrooms in houses for decades now. The illusion of the room appear more open and brighter is what makes the alignment stand out. Metro tiles in the UK looks ravishing when you place them in stepladder motion.

Old Classic Subway Style

The genuine method to style tiles the way they are is another popular trend. This was the first method to tile the kitchen wall and interior designers cannot get over the vintage effect of this tile pattern. The burst of dark colour added to the tile would make the kitchen more elegant. Perhaps even a hint of coloured tiles in between plain whites would modernize the classic effect.

Stacked Pattern

Another shout out to the shower walls, stacked emerald gloss tile, appearing as if there is cash on the walls. The stacked effect looks vibrant for glossy tones and dramatic shades. The linear grout lines and the traditional symmetry appears modern as well as pleasant to the eye. It is also a traditional way to place tiles.

Vertically Aligned

Perhaps, you consider a longer room and brighter appearance. Opt for the tiles to rotate at solid 90 degrees, flat vertical and white. The best matte vertical of 2021 attained popularity as soon as they hit the market. The best of the tiles look simply beautiful in a vertical position, and it drops an illusion of perfection and enlargement when placed this way.

The Diagonal Pattern

Just as if the rain is sideways, the tiles placed in such a manner look captivating to the eyes. A pop of colour added to this pattern will look amazing, feeling as if the room has expanded in size. Subways are famous for making such illusions. Twisting tiles at 45 degrees angle would make a surprising tone in the kitchen, especially for backsplash if you are interested.

Depending upon where exactly are you placing the tile and how high-class it will look once the entire wall covers in the pattern matters before the tiling process. It is limited up to your imagination and visualization of what you want everything to be. As soon as a pattern clicks you, decide it and impress yourself with the walls.

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