What is Box Board Packaging Used For?


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Folding box board (FBB) is a versatile material that can be made in various shapes and sizes. Well-suited to numerous customisations including printing, embossing and foiling, FBB is a popular packaging option. Box board packaging is also cost-effective, durable and can be extremely environmentally friendly, making it an incredibly common packaging solution. From health and beauty products to confectionaries and takeaways, pharmaceuticals to cigarettes, box board is used in many different industries to create unique product packaging.

Why do manufacturers recommend FBB packaging?

When you look around a retail store, you’ll find folding box board just about everywhere you turn. From cool packaging designs to luxury product packaging, FBB is great for durable yet visually appealing packaging that won’t devour your marketing budgets.

What is folding box board?

Made from multi-layer paperboard or pulp, box board packaging is lightweight yet durable. One of the most cost-effective packaging options to both present and protect your products, folding box board is excellent value for money.

Why should I choose FBB packaging?

FBB is a great choice for packaging due to its relatively low cost and also because it is available to order in smaller quantities, meaning folding box board suppliers can cater for businesses preferring to order limited runs of each box.

Folding box board packaging is highly customisable due to its smooth printing surface. As boxboard works with most effects, folding cartons can be printed, laminated, embossed, UV varnished or foiled to create cool packaging that stands out from the crowd. This means that box board packaging can feature unique and striking packaging ideas to create a personal touchpoint with potential customers and make a real impact on a retail shelf. Box board can also be made in almost any shape, size or form to meet the needs of almost every product. Great for luxury product packaging, FBB is a popular option for cool packaging designs that appeal to consumers in all the right ways.

What’s more, folding cartons are typically supplied flat-packed and are therefore great for storage when in transit or sitting in storage. Their lightweight properties also equate to cheaper shipping costs when receiving the packaging from your folding box board supplier and when shipping products to your customer.

Made from virgin fibres, box board packaging is certified as safe to use for food, beverage and hygiene products. Furthermore, the natural and sustainable properties of FBB makes it an excellent option for a more environmentally friendly packaging solution.

With so many benefits, it should come as no surprise that folding box board manufacturers are eager to recommend folding box board packaging.

Common Uses of Box Board Packaging

Due to its potential for both presentation and protection, box board packaging is well-suited to a wide range of different products. The most common uses of folding box board packaging include health and beauty products, make-up and cosmetics, perfumes, chilled and other foods, confectionaries, drinks, pharmaceuticals and even cigarettes. When standing out amongst the competition seems tough, box board packaging is available in any shape, size and design to help you add a touch of luxury to your brand. No matter your requirements, the best folding box board suppliers can support you in designing and producing brilliant packaging for your business. From embossing to foiling, printing to stamping, box board packaging can be designed to complement your luxury perfume range or to advertise the necessary legal information required when selling food and pharmaceuticals.

Skincare, Cosmetics and Makeup Packaging

Though many beauty products can be sold without packaging, box board packaging adds a touch of luxury to your beauty products. Accentuating key features and product information, beauty products contained within FBB takes your product marketing one step further. When presented in a beautifully designed box, your products gain a superior, luxury status that provides distinction amidst its competition.

Perfume Packaging

From delicate, floral aromas to cool and quirky bottles, perfume is a personal product that is shrouded in luxury. Often made from glass, perfume packaging should not only be beautifully designed but durable enough to protect a fragile item. To help protect glass bottles during transit and in store, an additional fluted liner is often added to the FBB perfume carton.

Food and Beverage Packaging

Like pharmaceutical packaging, food, beverages and confectionaries should be contained within packaging that displays the relevant and correct legal information. From ingredient lists to allergy information, food and beverage packaging is not only necessary for visual appeal but consumer safety.

Choosing Box Board Packaging for Your Products

When choosing cool product packaging for your products, it is important to find a folding box board supplier that can work with you to create unique and effective packaging solutions.

A great luxury box manufacturer will support you at each stage of the manufacturing process from design, specification and production to ensure your needs are met. On hand with excellent ideas and wonderful service, your box board manufacturer will equip you with the necessary information to choose and design the very best packaging solutions for your products.

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