Creating An Artistic Design For Your New Concrete Deck

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  • Published June 2, 2021
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A nice deck is likely the most desired feature in a house and can be built from various types of materials. One of such materials is concrete. Concrete is perhaps the best material that could be used in building a deck because of its durability, longevity, and ability to withstand unfavorable weather conditions.

One downside of concrete decks, however, is their lack of excitement. For this reason, many homeowners search for ways to design and decorate their concrete decks to make them more attractive and classy. Below are 3 major ways by which a concrete deck can be designed.

Lay Tiles

Laying tiles on your concrete will transform its look and make it much more gorgeous. Concrete is known to be one of the best bases for tiles, so laying it will be easy and cause no damage to your concrete floor.

Pick out a tile that will be the best fit especially for other members of the home. Decks are located outside the house and rain or snow could make some types of tiles very slippery and this can be dangerous in houses with children or elderly people.

Add an outdoor rug

Investing in an outdoor rug is likely the cheapest and easiest way to transform the unexciting concrete floors into something much more fabulous. Outdoor rugs are water-resistant, can be easily cleaned, and can be changed whenever the owner wants a new deck look.

Paint the concrete

Another cheap and fast way to completely transform your concrete deck is to paint it using interesting patterns, shapes, and designs. Concrete can be painted and designed to look like natural stones, bricks, and even tiles.

It is important to note that regular paint will not suffice while painting your outdoor deck. Ask a paint expert which brand of paint will work best for your outdoor concrete floors and which ones will last longer.

Also, while painting is a cheap and effective method of transforming your concrete deck, it will require constant maintenance after a few years as the paint will continue to fade.


Decks are a great hang-out spot in the home and concrete is possibly the best material to use while building decks. The major drawback of using concrete while building decks is its unattractive nature. There are however many ways to solve that particular problem.

To get the best results, it may be imperative to hire a professional to lay your tiles or paint the concrete floors, professional work will also reduce the chances of repair or recoat after a few years.

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