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  • Published June 2, 2021
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Patios are a great addition to the home; they provide a great relaxation spot to entertain friends and family and greatly enhance the value of the home. Many homeowners, in recent times, have discovered the great benefits of owning a patio and many are even attaching patios to their backyards. Patios, however, must be built and decorated with strong, durable materials that can withstand all weather conditions, concrete is the most popular material often used.

When compared to other materials that can be used to build and design patios such as wood decks, pavers, and natural stones, concrete provides the greatest design options, is most durable, and requires the least maintenance. In addition, decorative concrete serves safety purposes as it creates a non-slip texture which is best for places where children and elderly people frequent. Various types of decorative concrete can be used to build and design patios and below are some of the most popular options.

Stamped Concrete

With stamped concrete, there are unlimited design ideas available. Stamped concrete can be made to resemble bricks, stones, slabs, and various other materials. The design is done by pressing molds into the concrete while still in its plastic state and it can be colored using several different methods.

One major disadvantage of using stamped concrete is that the color tends to fade after a few years but some methods can be used to restore its color.

Cement Overlays

This is a longstanding and effective method of decorating your concrete patios. It is done by adding polymer resin to the cement mix which makes the concrete much more durable and increases its natural appearance and performance.

In addition, cement overlay is the cheapest method that can be used to give color to your concrete patio. It usually lasts longer and will require very minimal repairs or additional coloring in the future.

Concrete Engravings

Also known as concrete etchings, concrete engraving is the process of using special tools and equipment to make grouts, shapes, patterns, and designs in concrete. This helps to improve the appearance of the concrete, giving it a dramatic flair.

The engravings made using this method are permanent; because the patterns are engraved into it rather than on top of it, they are less likely to wear away or lose bonds. As a result, concrete engraving is one of the best decorative methods of designing concrete on a patio. It can withstand all types of weather conditions and requires very little maintenance.


A patio is now an essential part of every home and many homeowners are adding patios to their backyards. To build a patio, however, you will require very strong materials to withstand all weather conditions.

Concrete, although one of the most efficient building materials is rarely considered beautiful. Decorating concrete is an excellent option if you are looking to build your patio with concrete but at the same time want it to look stunning.

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