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The Internet of Things define originated in the media field and is the third revolution in the information technology industry. The Internet of Things refers to the connection of any object to the network through information sensing equipment according to an agreed protocol, and the object exchanges and communicates through information media to realize intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, supervision and other functions.

There are three key points in the application of the Internet of Things define, namely the perception layer, the network transmission layer and the application layer.

“One sentence” to understand the Internet of Things define

All items are connected to the Internet through information sensing equipment to exchange information, that is, to realize intelligent identification and management.

Ubiquitous aggregation

The industrial practice of the Internet of Things on a global scale is mainly concentrated in three directions.

What is the Internet of Things in the sense of “ubiquitous aggregation” of data?

The first practical direction is called “smart dust”, which advocates the interconnection and intercommunication of various sensor devices to form a network of intelligent functions.

The second practical direction is the well-known logistics network based on RFID technology. This direction advocates strengthening the management of logistics and logistics information through the identification of objects, and at the same time forming intelligent information mining through information integration.

The third practical direction is called the Internet of Things in the sense of “ubiquitous aggregation” of data. It is believed that the Internet has created a huge ocean of data, and the precise identification of the attributes of each data should be used to fully realize the resource utilization of data. It is not only an inevitable requirement for the in-depth development of the Internet, but also the mission of the Internet of Things.

In comparison, the Internet of Things in the sense of “smart dust” belongs to the generalization of industrial buses. This kind of industrial practice has actually never stopped in industrial production since mechatronics and industrial informatization, but it was not called the Internet of Things at that time but called the industrial bus. In this sense, the Internet of Things will move forward steadily and steadily due to the development of sensor technology and various LAN communication technologies, based on its inherent scientific and technological laws, and will not accelerate its development speed due to a man-made movement. .

The Internet of Things in the sense of RFID, the EPCglobal standard on which it is based was defined as the core standard of the future Internet of Things when it was launched, but the inherent limitations of this standard and its only method means RFID electronic tags make it difficult to truly point The smart planet advocated by the Internet of Things. The reason is that the information that the connection between things can tell people is very limited, and the connection between the state of the thing and the state can enable people to truly explore the universal connections between things, so as to obtain new information. Cognition and gain new wisdom.

“Ubiquitous aggregation” is to realize the ubiquitous vast ocean of data created by the Internet, and to achieve aggregation in the sense of knowing each other. These data represent not only the object, but also the state of the object, and even various concepts defined by humans. The “ubiquitous aggregation” of data will enable people to retrieve all kinds of data easily and arbitrarily. With the help of various mathematical analysis models, they will continue to explore the ubiquitous complex connections between the transactions represented by these data. In order to achieve a revolutionary leap in human cognition of the surrounding world.

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