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  • Published June 25, 2021
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A good website does not come alive without a simple but proper blueprint of it. Planning a website just like the procedure of setting up any business in the real world. In business sense, you have to be clear that what kind of the business that you want to involve in the first place, think about the way how will you undergo to get your business to start earning; Second, planning yourself a structures to handle the different activities including sales, marketing, production, accounting, and etc in this business; Third, design the workflow to get your business running smoothly; Fourth, having a nice presentable concept to package your business; Fifth, get all the marketing plans ready to be widespread in the market. In the same way, the above steps summarized as below to give you a clearer picture on how we plan a good website for the best results:

i. Get a clear-cut topic for your website

Internet is a resourceful network throughout the whole world that accessible by billions of the people out there. Websites of various topics are being set-up to target the different interest group of the people. Therefore, A clear-cut topic will get your website to be classified into the precise area to be found by the target users of those who are interested in your business.

ii. Plan a nice structure of your website

Structure of your website is a vital factor that affects the comfortableness of the users who come visit your website. The website should provide a clear navigation links to the other internal pages; the color of it should be match to the theme of the website; the font size of the website contents should not be too small or too big; nice pictures within a nice layout always get the attraction of the user. All these are some of the good points that you might need to study for the sake of the visiting users.

iii. A clear workflow of your website application

Once you have decided to integrate some of the functionalities to your website to let your visitors do some processing of their info online, please make it a clear and easy way for them to use. All these functionalities included the apps such as forum, chat-room, blog and etc. You will see the growing of the online users on your website as long as you really made a clear and simple process for them to enjoy the services.

iv. Do a nice design job on the outlook of your website

A pretty site always makes you standing out of the rest. By tuning up the design of the website, you should also need to consider the characteristics of your business, theme of your website, and the taste of your target group. Wrong application of these factors may have a negative impact on your target group. Please be thoughtful on your target group of users.

v. Preparing the marketing plans to promote your website

Treat your website as one of your products that you want to get it on sale. A good website without marketing is nothing better than a sinking rock. Starting to get someone out there to be known of your website by applying some of the tools like email marketing, forum marketing, online marketing and etc. Remember, marketing is the only way that given the vitality to your website in the WWW world.

Author: Brandon Yeoh

Senior web design consultant of Superweb - A Malaysia web design and development company that provides the full range of services to build your corporate web.

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