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  • Published June 30, 2021
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Many furniture pieces tend to exist in massive sizes. The couch is generally one of the biggest things inside most homes. Its big size sometimes causes a hindrance on its disposal. What happens when you want to dispose of this bulky item and send it away for good?

You can’t just drop it on the sidewalk and hope that somebody picks it up. In most suburbs around Sydney, you’ll get a negative notice for this act. Worse, you will receive fines and charges for wrongfully leaving the couch unattended. The mere size of the couch alone can’t hide where you illegally dump it.

How do you go about removing the couch in your home? Let this guide give you a few tips and tricks to handle your unwanted couch. This way, you have an idea of how to deal with it. There are three options for you to choose from.

Bulky items pickup

You're in luck. The City of Sydney has tons of waste initiatives to encourage residents to recycle and manage waste properly. Furniture items are among them. You don’t need to worry about the hassle and the effort to lug a big couch around.

The City of Sydney offers free pickup for bulky items. Local councils have partner establishments that can reuse or recycle couches. Here’s what you can do to dispose of your couch efficiently:

  • Book an online appointment for your couch pickup.

  • Prepare your couch by making sure it’s clean and sanitary upon handling. Important notice – if you are booking a pickup for other acceptable kinds of waste, separate the items into groups.

  • Only take out the couch (and other items) the night before the pickup. Do not leave it outside any day prior to the initial pick up date, this can result in illegal dumping and charges and corresponding fines.

Efficiency is key. This is more manifested with waste pickups and waste management in local areas. Choose efficient pickup points for your couch. The less likely your couch blocks any vehicles or homes, the fewer issues there are from other residents. Make things easier for your couch collector and place the item responsibly.

Charities and donation drives

If you don’t have the time to wait around for a pickup, charities and donation drives are present. These institutions aim to find good use for your unwanted couch. Your couch may end up with somebody who needs it. It can also end up as a sale that provides funds for advocacies and causes. Either way, your couch doesn’t go straight to the landfill. Here’s a list of some charities that accept your couch:

  • The Generous and the Grateful

  • The Smith Family

  • The House of Welcome

These are just a few of the organisations that take in old furniture. They are available in Sydney. Check them out for possible pickup locations or drop off drive events. Your couch will always have further use for other people.

Rubbish removalists for couch removal

Rubbish removalists are experts in waste disposal and collection. We have years of training and vast knowledge to know where your old couch can go. If you simply don’t have the time of the day to wait for the pickup or donation drives aren’t accessible to you, rubbish removalists can help.

While you relax, your hired rubbish removalists do the heavy lifting work by safely collecting, disposing and recycling your unwanted couch. Disposing of a couch shouldn’t hard. They make it easier for you.

What you can do before disposal

Before you get rid of your couch, it is necessary to prepare it first. An unprepared item can leave inefficiencies to people who collect it. Make sure that your couch is clean and there aren’t any loose or sharp parts that can cause harm to anybody. You wouldn’t want other people, and yourself included, to experience any possible cuts or bruises from moving your couch.

Jennifer Lee is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Paul's Rubbish Removal Sydney. She specialises in covering topics about recycling, sustainability and waste management. When not writing, you can find her enjoying her time helping local environmental charities or passing time with a coffee while reading her favourite novels.

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