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  • Published June 30, 2021
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House renovations and constructions are turning points for your home. Envisioning your dream home can be the next best thing to look forward to. However, what about the waste that comes after that? It’s unlikely that you’ll enjoy thinking about all the construction debris on your property.

Rocks and other construction debris can become tricky to dispose of after that dream renovation. These debris are common on normal days, anywhere. It exists as a part of your surroundings resulting in about 44% of the total core waste coming from construction and demolition jobs.

So how do you go about getting rid of hard, heavy and bulky rubble? Here’s a guide to get you started in disposing of rocks.

Hire special skip bins

One of the ways to dispose of waste is through skip bins. Many skip bins across Sydney offer designed waste containers that the lorry will carry away on the appointed schedule. When you have a dump of rocks and stones around, you can carry them over to the skip bin.

Advantages of a skip bin

✔︎ It is an efficient choice especially for ongoing constructions going on. Since you only need to leave a container, you can think of it as a larger form of the waste container in your area.

✔︎ There are different sizes of skip bins available from all skip bin services in Sydney. You don’t need to worry about hiring a second skip bin which can cause space issues on your property.

Disadvantages of a skip bin

✘ Though they are efficient, not all skip bin services accept rocks and stones. Some firms have a specific type of container for this. Check with the company first before booking your skip bin!

✘ Skips are large and often immovable containers. You still need to do a lot of the legwork like transporting the rocks in the container and hauling it around by a distance. You need to wait around for the haul away schedule before fully getting rid of the rocks and stones.

Call rubbish removalists

Some people can handle rocks from construction and demolitions. The problem with rocks is they are heavy. If you have a garden’s worth of rocks to get rid of, it can take a toll just moving them around. Calling in service is an efficient and effortless solution to clean off the rocks from your home.

Advantages of a rubbish removal company

✔︎ Rubbish removalists do the work while you sit back and watch rocks transported to vehicles.

✔︎ Many services are always available for you 24/7. Here at Kurt’s Rubbish Removal, we are available for you all day and all night. No need to worry about your daytime schedule especially if you have work or different concerns to attend to besides rock rubbish.

Disadvantages of a rubbish removal company

✘ Many factors can affect the rates of rubbish removal. Depending on certain conditions, your total bill might be a little higher. Nevertheless, we provide proper quotation and billing to make sure you are always prepared.

✘ It takes time to prepare and dispatch your property. If you book the job on the spot, allow an interval or time window before the team arrives.

Proper disposal of rocks from your property

It’s not uncommon to throw out rocks, stones and gravel in another property. It’s one of the easier choices to do when you have bulky rock waste. However, join Sydney in upholding the best environment around the city.

Avoid littering rocks anywhere. It’s illegal and can land you charges and fines in violation of the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997. Keep Sydney clean and sustainable from littered rocks and stones.

You can engage in recycling and repurposing rocks for your home. Always work with other companies in handling your rocks. Many service providers offer affordable rock rubbish removal jobs. Your rocks don’t belong in an empty lot, illegally dumped!

Jennifer Lee is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Kurt's Rubbish Removal Sydney. She crafts innovative digital marketing strategies and content production while her team travels across all Sydney suburbs providing rubbish removal solutions to both residential and commercial customers.

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