Nobody Can Take Care of You Better Than You


  • Author Robert Hempel
  • Published July 15, 2021
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It seems that nowadays, especially in the aftermath of the COVID-19 Pandemic, that more and more people are now having to deal with debt collectors, spam calls, and more due to the fact that a large portion of the population was either laid off, furloughed, and/or self-terminated due to fear of contracting this very questionable illness. I have to say that I feel especially empathetic to those people that struggle to make it in the lower income brackets. Those that somehow make it day by day while living below the Federal Poverty Level. (You all are Champions and don’t ever let anybody tell you different).

The fact that we must deal with these increasingly annoying phone calls is hard enough if you know or have some experience with how to properly handle them. But if you do not know how to properly handle them, or you do not know what your rights are then these calls, letters, communications can be absolutely detrimental to your continued sanity.

The sad truth is this, most people are not properly taught how to handle or manage finances, or how to deal with debt collectors or how to manage your debt and so on and so on. Unfortunately, these very necessary skills are not taught in our schools, and they absolutely should be. Instead, subjects like Algebra are still taught in school under the premise that this is a skill that will be used regularly in adulthood. I have to call B.S. right now because the truth is, I am 51 years old and I have NEVER, EVER, EVER, had any occasion in my adult life to EVER need Algebra. I don’t know why educational institutions continue to teach unnecessary skills and then send young adults out into the world with no idea how to make it because they were not taught the necessary life skills to live from day to day. (This is clearly a subject for another article in the near future). I am rambling, so let me move on.

I have found some information that I feel is absolutely essential to day-to-day life. It deals with the necessary life skills that all adults need to be proficient at. It includes information on how to manage debt. It deals with things such as the “Truth in Lending” act, the “Fair Credit Reporting” act, the “Fair Debt Collection Practices” act.

I have added a link to this article below. I would highly recommend that anybody who is interested and/or is tired of dealing with harassing debt collectors or would just like information on how to effectively manage debt and finances as well as how to plan for your financial future, should check out this link and start looking out for yourself. Face it, nobody is going to look after you better than YOU.

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