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Steam cleaning or chemical cleaning - most recommended option for carpet.

It is important to keep carpets in your home fresh, and clean for a healthy life. You can do it by simply vacuum them every other day or on a weekly basis. But sometimes to only vacuum isn’t enough to get rid of all the dirt you want. It is recommended to have your carpets or rugs professionally cleaned by an experienced carpet cleaning company every 6 to 12 months.

Lack of proper carpet cleaning may arise in multiple allergens which can lead to serious health problems for you and your family.

Once you decide it is time for a deep house cleaning including your carpets, you must choose the method of cleaning. The most commonly used methods are steam cleaning and chemical cleaning. They are both effective methods.

Here are the main things that characterize steam and chemical carpet cleaning

Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning also known as hot water extraction is very effective as it can clean 97% of stains, dirt, and bacteria. Steam cleaning should be your choice if you have stubborn stains and want that deep clean.

So how does it work?

First of all the boiling water is sprayed all over the carpet which helps to loosen the dirt. Then the next step is very easy as the water is all sucked back by special machines. As you can imagine this method may be time-consuming especially if you have a big area to clean for example whole room or more. It is important to completely remove moisture from the carpet as leaving it clean but wet may be resulting in bacteria growth.

If you want your carpet to be cleaned faster, then choose a different carpet cleaning option.

Chemical cleaning

Chemical cleaning is a method that simply uses chemical detergents to clean your carpet. They can be in a form of liquid or dry. The so-called dry detergents use water as well but very little amount. Cleaning carpets with this method will be a lot faster than the steam method but on the other hand, it is not recommended for deep stains. Dry chemical cleaning only cleans the top layer of the carpet or rug from dirt and bacteria. The chemicals don’t go deep into the carpet and that leaves the rest of it simply dirty.

Some of these chemicals may be left behind after cleaning is finished what can be a cause of concern especially if you live with small children or with someone who has breathing problems.

It is always best to leave chemical carpet cleaning to an experienced carpet cleaner.

Regular dry cleaning can help your carpets to look new, but to prolong their lifespan you should opt for a steam cleaning.

Remember that while doing some deep cleaning to your carpet it is also a good idea to do some of that long-awaited house clearance. If you worry about how you will get rid of all the unnecessary items, then worry no more. There is a simple solution in the form of a house clearance company. They will come, collect and dispose of all the items you want.

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