How Long Does It Take to Install Solar Panels On A Home?


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If you are thinking about installing solar panels for your home, one of the main questions that constantly comes up is, how long is the process to get solar panels installed on a roof once the contract is signed?

Solar Installation Timeline

When it comes to installing solar panels, the process involves different organizations such as the utility company provider, city government, and HOA.

The job of the solar company is to make sure the process is as easy and efficient as possible. It can take anywhere from three to four months. It also depends on how complex the project is. Since every project is different, it's impossible to give an accurate timeline. However, a good company will have your installation completed within their general timeline. They will also ensure to have it done quickly and professionally.

Here are some general benchmarks to give you an idea of what to expect during the installation process.

Site Survey

The is the first phase for installing solar. The process is also known as a site assessment. As soon as your contract is signed, a surveyor will visit your home to inspect your roof and see if your roof is strong enough to hold solar panels.

Engineers use a 'Solar Pathfinder' that calculates how much direct sunlight your solar panels will capture throughout the day and figure out what would be the best way to face them. South-facing solar panels are usually the way to go, but sometimes there are exceptions to the rule.

The site surveyor will also inspect your electrical panel to determine if panels can safely connect to your home's electrical system. If your electrical panel is outdated or you've recently remodeled your home, it may increase your electrical connections. Thus, making it unsafe to add solar panels. To deal with the electrical load, you should upgrade your electrical panel.

Solar system design & engineering

After the site survey is complete, engineers from the solar company will start designing your solar energy system. Their job is to guarantee that your system will meet your solar needs and satisfy city regulations and rules. Once the engineers complete the process, they will start submitting permits to the city and HOA.

Local permitting and inspections

Once the company submits permits, start asking for paperwork so you can apply for the Federal Solar Tax Credit (ITC).


As soon as permits are approved, now the installation can start. Depending on how many panels and the complexity, most jobs are completed within 1 to 3 days. The installation process includes putting up rails, panels, cables, inverters, and other components that are needed.


After the solar energy system gets installed, your city inspector must approve it. The inspector will look at the installation to make sure it meets all guidelines and regulations. As soon as it passes inspection, the system will connect to the grid.

Grid connection

Once the system connects to the grid, a representative for the electric company will evaluate and install a solar meter. If there are no issues, you will get permission to operate (PTO) and start to generate renewable clean energy.

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