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  • Published July 21, 2021
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Enterprise teams are the next big thing in the freelance industry. Most enterprise clients comprise large businesses, fast growing startups and corporate organizations. The latest Upwork’s Future Report shows that 48% of managers are already outsourcing. This article highlights more about enterprise teams and their future impact in freelancing.

What are Enterprise Teams?

Enterprise teams form when various market experts collaborate to work on complex projects. Various market platforms are focusing on building stronger relationships with corporate clients. These clients derive the name enterprise customers from their size.

Corporations are now gaining interest in outsourcing to hiring agencies and consultancy firms. It's more flexible and cost-effective. They can withstand tough economic upheavals, unlike small businesses. They also offer more market opportunities and growth opportunities for gig workers.

The Future of Enterprise Teams in Freelancing

Various enterprise platforms encourage professionals to team up. Enterprise partnerships are on the rise as companies have discovered available benefits. Exploiting the expertise of their partners could help them achieve better results.

Employers are on the lookout for better alternatives when hiring. In the future, more companies are likely to focus on the independent workforce. The number of gig workers is also rising in the market.

Through technology, employers will access a variety of skills faster. Upwork and Microsoft have partnered to launch the Microsoft 365 freelance toolkit. The toolkit helps businesses in working together with individuals. This will ensure growth in the tech sector.

Government bodies and institutions are also enacting laws to govern the independent workforce. Lawmakers will expect employers to obey rules differentiating independent from permanent employees.

Merits of Enterprise Teams to Freelancers

There is room for finding more work with established clients. Larger corporations offer consistent gigs to multiple freelancers. This reduces time lost hunting for gigs hence it’s now possible to generate more income.

In addition, workers get more exposure by working with worldwide clients. Working with popular brands will allow room for more opportunities. This ensures one can acquire skills in different fields.

Networking allows people to build stronger connections with other professionals. It now becomes easier to get invited for jobs. Working on projects together assists in sharing knowledge and producing high-quality work.

Team working eliminates fraud cases. People are only allowed to work with verified clients.

Benefits of Enterprise Teams to Corporates

Larger companies can now locate and hire the best talent faster. Experts will now be able to complete projects in time. Using enterprise teams by corporates is cost-effective.

It’s now possible to cut on costs of hiring permanent staff, which is quite demanding. Also, resources are well utilized, meaning an increased revenue. It will enhance the continuity of businesses.

Enterprises promote flexibility operation-wise. They can access specialized talent with their ever-changing needs.

In Summary

Enterprise teams are the next big thing in this industry. Larger companies will easily access resources that suit their needs. The workers will have access to high-quality opportunities, allowing room for growth. Market places can also increase their net revenue. Enterprise teams will help shape the future of the freelance industry.

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