How to Get Hired in the Freelancing Industry


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  • Published July 30, 2021
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Are you new to freelancing and yet to land your first gig? Finally, you can stop worrying about it! For the one year I've worked as a freelancer, I've managed to work with top world companies and fastest-growing startups. Landing gigs can be a nightmare to many. In this article, you will get useful tips on how you can get hired even as a beginner.

Five Tips and Tricks to Getting Hired as a Freelance

  1. Build Your Portfolio

An appealing portfolio helps one to demonstrate their skills. Consider having a website to post your finalized projects. An amazing portfolio should highlight your past experiences related to the jobs you are applying for. It should also have your contact details and details about your expertise. Convincing potential clients will be easier when they can have a look at the projects you've previously completed. Consider attaching your social media profile links so that potential clients can easily reach you.

  1. Choose a Niche

Be more strategic about the type of projects you can handle. Newbies will always rush to take on any paid project that emerges. At first, identify the services you can offer the best. After cross-examination and identifying your strength, think of specializing. Employers are searching for people with specialized skills to work on their projects. Try to figure out how you can solve a client's problem using the skills you possess. Also make sure you demonstrate up-to date skill in your chosen field by way of previous projects, testimonials, reviews or even offering options for rapid prototyping. Choosing a niche will make you an expert in the field, and you won't have to struggle much when sourcing for gigs.

  1. Build Your Profile

A freelancer's profile is enough for a client to decide whether to hire them or not. Creating a specialized and complete profile can increase your chances of getting hired. The profile should be presentable with a professional profile photo attached to it. A good profile will contain your personality, skills, and resume altogether. Make sure you enrich your profile with up-to date testimonials and proof of previous work or demonstration videos.

  1. Networking

Consider choosing a mentor when starting. Engaging an expert will help you discover tips on how you can make it in to the industry. You can discuss challenges you are facing with your career mentor.

Try reaching out to friends in freelancing. Share with them what you do and ask for recommendations. You could also consider joining LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter groups to interact with like-minded experts. Lastly, maintain good relationships with old clients. Ask them if there are any available work. If none, don't hesitate to ask for referrals.

  1. Writing Great Proposals

Always ensure to pick on projects that match your skills and abilities. After identifying a job that you can deliver quality work, ensure you write a compelling proposal. So, what should be included in your proposal?

A good proposal will highlight your strengths and abilities. It should include how you will help solve the client's problem and your expertise in the field. You can start with designing a template and later customize it to fit the exact client's project. Remember to remain professional consistently.


Whether experienced or a beginner, getting hired can be challenging. Like any other profession, freelancing has its pros and cons. How you brand yourself can influence your chances of landing clients. Before you can apply for any job, make sure you have a strong optimized profile and a quality portfolio. Through these, employers will get details about you, your achievements, and your abilities. Next will be to secure a job. So what are you waiting for?

Anjana Ratnayake is an experienced writer and a researcher on Technology related topics and latest lifestyle patterns.

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