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Choosing the right solar company for your home or business can be one of the most challenging parts of the solar process. It is crucial to evaluate each company carefully and closely. But how do you choose from so many solar providers? First, let's go over the various types of solar companies that you will come across.

Types of Solar Companies

Solar Equipment Manufacturers

Solar Manufacturers are the solar companies that produce equipment to use and install Solar PV Systems for your home or business. Solar panel manufacturers are the ones who make the actual solar panels and other equipment that installers use to sell to customers.

Solar Installers

Solar installers are companies that you will be interacting with regularly. They purchase solar panels and other components from solar equipment manufacturers. Their team are solar experts when it comes to installing equipment and knowing how many panels to install. Before the solar PV panel installations, the installer will perform an onsite evaluation to examine your roof and take measurements. Throughout the visit, the installers will decide if there are any considerations to take into account.

Solar Financing Companies

Solar financing company focuses on the financing side for solar installation and equipment. Usually, these companies have partnerships with solar dealers and installers.

Solar Lead Generation Companies

Lead generation companies are in charge of generating leads and sales for various solar companies. They get contracts together and sell to installers or full-service providers.

Solar Dealers

Dealers are the ones who receive permission to sell specific solar products. Some of them have an in-house installation crew, while other companies outsource solar installations to third parties.

Full-service Providers

Full-service providers do everything to get you set up with solar outside of manufacturing the equipment. They sell solar panels and all necessary equipment, offer to finance and perform the solar installation.

Integrated Companies

Integrated companies take care of every aspect of your solar process- from manufacturing the solar panels to installing them on your home or business.

Solar company reviews with good metrics are hard to find. The good news is that there are so many solar installation companies that are experienced and well-trained. If you're feeling confused by the solar choices, this step-by-step guide can help you find the right solar provider in your area.

What to look for in a Solar Installer?

One of the best ways to know if your solar company is an expert and passes standards is if they pass the NABCEP test and have at least two years of hands-on experience in solar installations. NABCEP is one of the best national standard certification programs. The best solar companies are certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). For companies that are not NABCEP certified, you can search solar company reviews.

Licenses and insurance - All solar installers should have the required permits and insurance policies. Ensure that the company you choose is licensed to handle electrical and wiring components of your solar energy system. Standard licenses for installers include electrician, general contracting, home improvement, or home performance contracting licenses. In addition, installers should carry general liability insurance.

Experience and Track Record - The solar industry is growing, which means it has many professionals from various backgrounds. Finding installers with experience and steady work history can be challenging, but it has advantages. You want to make sure your company will complete the solar project and install it correctly. Also, your solar provider should be able to give you references from past customers.

Warranty - A warranty covers all problems that will emerge because of a faulty installation. For example, if the panel becomes loose because of poor installation, the manufacturer's warranty will cover all repairs. Usually, these warranties offer coverage for 25 years.

Quotes - Different solar companies charge different rates for a solar energy system. The best billing structure is cost-per-watt. Your installer should charge a flat rate depending on the size of the system you need. Most companies will schedule an appointment to see your home or roof so they can calculate prices. During this opportunity, you can ask all of your questions. Here are some examples.

Do you have the correct permits that the state and city require?

Do you offer a warranty? What do you include in this warranty?

Based on my electricity usage per month, how many solar panels will I need?

Contact as many solar installers as possible and gather different quotes to make sure the rates you are receiving are competitive. The bids might surprise you. It might save you a few thousand dollars on your solar installation.

When going solar for your home or business, you need a good working relationship with your solar installers. So it's paramount to find a company that you can trust and give you thorough information to pick the best inverters and solar panels. The best companies will explain and help you understand everything you need to know about solar and how it works.

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