6 Quick Steps To Create A Cleaning Routine


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  • Published September 3, 2021
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A clean, uncluttered space can have a profound impact on our wellbeing. Clean and tidy spaces help to save time because we know where things are and are not distracted by mess. Spaces that are clean and tidy are also more likely to be hygienic and healthy.

But even if we know the benefits of cleaning, creating an effective cleaning routine that we then stick to can easily feel a bit overwhelming.

That’s where the six quick and effective tips below can help. They will help you to assess your living situation, create a cleaning routine that works for you — and maybe even enjoy the process!

STEP 1: List Your Key Areas

Begin by dividing up your living space into key areas that need to be cleaned, perhaps in a list form. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the cleaning process if you picture your living space as one single whole, but smaller and more manageable sections can be a helpful approach.

You may discover that some areas can simply be cleaned or tidied immediately after use — so don’t need to be included in a routine — whereas others may need specific regular attention or ‘deep cleaning’ after the week or month.

STEP 2: Estimate Time & Frequency

Once you have listed your key areas, assess which are the largest or the most ‘high traffic’ (i.e. they become the dirtiest or are used the most often). Then, assess how much time you feel each one would take to do if you already had the products to hand.

Next, list the frequency that certain areas would need to be cleaned, or how frequently certain jobs would need to be done. Surfaces may need to be wiped down daily, whereas bedsheets may only need to be changed weekly, for example.

Now it is up to you to decide what best suits your routine and your lifestyle. Would it be helpful to dedicate certain days to certain rooms? Or would it perhaps be better to do all the weekly tasks on one day of the week?

STEP 3: Purchase Or Arrange Your Products

It is remarkable how much time and energy we can save while cleaning simply by having the right products to hand.

Before embarking on your new cleaning routine, ensure that you have a ‘home’ for your cleaning products so that they are always easy to find, and purchase or replace any that you need.

This is a great time to assess whether you need any specific products — such as those that won’t aggravate allergies, or are kinder to the environment. More people than ever are keen to help the environment in their daily life, and part of this can be done around the home through the cleaning products we choose.

STEP 4: Know Your ‘Why’

Creating and sticking to a cleaning routine can be a challenge. But it is always much easier and more rewarding if we know why we’re doing it.

Perhaps you’ve read about the great benefits of cleaning on the body and mind. Perhaps you want a clean and clutter-free environment to improve a health condition or allergy, or to feel less stressed and more productive at home.

Whatever your reason for adopting a cleaning routine, it should be meaningful to you and help to keep you motivated.

STEP 5: Consider A Professional

Do not feel like you have to do everything yourself! Many people’s cleaning routines also incorporate a regular visit from a professional to tackle any difficult or time-consuming tasks.

STEP 6: Write It Down

Once you have decided on a cleaning routine that will suit you and your lifestyle — (start small to avoid disappointment!) — now is the time to write it down.

Whether you put key activities into a calendar, create a separate document, or even pin something on a wall or refrigerator, write down your plans. This helps you to keep track of how your routine is progressing and see it in manageable chunks — as well as giving you the satisfaction of checking off completed tasks or sections!

BONUS: Add Rewards

Adding fun or enjoyable elements to your cleaning routine is a great way to help ensure that you stick to it. This is especially true if you are working alone, but can be just as fun to give incentives and rewards to friends, family, and housemates who are involved!

Your cleaning routine can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. What is important is that it can be achieved regularly and effectively in a way that suits your home and lifestyle!

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