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  • Published September 15, 2021
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In today’s world, everyone wants to lead their life fit and healthy. We have a desire to achieve everything we wish for. I bet fitness is everyone’s top on that list. In the midst of a pandemic where school and business are moved to our desks at home with laptops and computers, the time we spend sitting at home has rapidly increased.

Our day to day physical activity to commute to the office or schools has reduced. As they say “Sitting is the new smoking. We all tend to spend our time sitting more than having an active physical activity at home. This has led to nationwide obesity ranging from 11.8% - 31.3%. Going to the gym in the middle of a pandemic is impossible. Furthermore, taking time every day is still exhausting. Who wouldn’t want to shed some weight at the comfort of their home?

Well, I heard you! Yes, it would be great and online weight loss courses are the best options to get back in shape and bring ourselves into a healthy lifestyle in a sustainable way. Here is the list of the top 3 Online weight loss programs offered by Certified Nutrition coaches.

#1: Azra Khan

Having suffered from being overweight and under-confident in her teen years, Azra Khan is a walking example of how to lose weight and keep it on track in a sustainable way. Now, who wouldn’t want such guidance from an expert, who has achieved the results already? If it is available in the comfort of my house, I’d definitely go for it!

She is a certified Nutritionist from ISSA and ACE and already transformed the lives of over 3000 people from across the globe.

As having a successful weight loss journey, herself and helping over 3000 clients across the world, she knows all the crests and troughs of the weight loss journey. It doesn’t matter at which level you are now, be it a beginner, intermediate or a pro, she’d get you covered.

The online weight loss program that Azra offers has customised diet plans as per your body and cuisine. This is based on her strong belief that each body functions in its unique way. This whole online weight loss journey will be customized.

This customization will be based on the one-one call with Azra herself. Not only the consultation call but she’ll be just a text away in WhatsApp offering you full support throughout your weight loss journey. You will also be assigned a weight loss coach who will guide you throughout your weight loss journey. And yes, All in the comfort of your home :)

Azra offers various packs and you shall opt for the ones you see fit for a sustainable weight loss journey.

#2: Nourish Genie:

Nourish Genie is an online weight loss program offered by India’s famous nutritionist Pooja Makhija. She is a certified nutritionist, author, entrepreneur and mother.

She is the nutritionist and the secret behind fit bodies for many renowned Bollywood celebrities and helped over 10,000 clients across the world. With such expertise in the weight loss journeys, she also offers her support to lose our weight and to re-establish our best relationship with our food, at the comfort of not leaving our house.

The online weight loss program starts by submitting your blood test reports and one-one consultation with Pooja Makhija. Based on your body and health conditions, your diets are created. The online weight loss program also comes with trackers that allow us to track our daily programs, a food tracker to count our calorie intake, plenty of workout videos and topics about weight loss, these packages are one in all. This also covers the one-one video consultation with doctors and constant chat support.

#3. Rujuta Diwakar

Rujuta is one of the leading nutritionists in India, the bestselling author and the winner of many awards. She works by this slogan, “Eat local, think global. She is not only the leading nutritionist in India but also one of the best in the world.

She offers her consultation for weight loss and also helps us understand the food that we eat. Her team works globally from Mumbai. The online program offers three programs of different durations. All the programs involve the same process.

There are three stages, pre-consultation stage, consultation stage and post-consultation stage.

The pre-consultation stage involves going on a call to understand your daily routine, health practices and eating habits.

The consultation stage involves understanding your current fitness levels, fitness goals, customised meal planning for all sorts of occasions, constant support through WhatsApp chat.

The post-consultation stage involves the lifelong support which will be given through materials and best practices in the situations we might face going forward to maintain a healthy fit life in a sustainable way.

The pandemic hit the world is slowly resuming towards a new normal in which anything online is possible. So let’s take these opportunities to make ourselves get fitter and healthier.

One of India's best nutritionist Azra Khan is the owner of Azrakhan Fitness. Azra Khan is a certified diet consultant and nutritionist specialized in diet Planning and weight loss management. The online weight loss program that Azra offers has customised diet plans as per your body and cuisine.

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