7 Amazing Ways to Save Money on Exhibition Stands, Secret made easy with Creative Roots

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Looking for a budget exhibition stand in the UAE?

As an exhibitor, your exhibition budget will be one of your primary concerns, no matter whether you're a first-timer or long-time veteran. It is important to monitor your expenses when exhibiting because if you don't, you will soon lose your budget along with your prospect of a good ROI. However, there are some areas where we could save some money, such as exhibition stand designs and display stand designs.

Ideally, an exhibition stand should reflect a brand, appeal to a specific audience, and provide a memorable experience. Often, all these requirements may not be affordable as a package, so how can we save money without sacrificing quality and design? If an exhibition stand is properly planned, even a small exhibition stand can reap more benefits than a large one that has no planning. Many exhibitors make wrong budgeting decisions because they don't account for all the variables in an exhibit.

When planning a budget exhibition stand, it is crucial to identify the factors that could impact your budget. Here, we have compiled a handy list of tips to help you manage your exhibition finances effectively.

Listed below are the 7 best tips we have put together:









The best way to save on your exhibition costs is to plan well ahead of time. Ideally, you should allow 9 to 10 months when planning your exhibition, although "too early" is never the answer. Your options will be more flexible if you have plenty of time to explore all of them. With more time to explore all of your exhibition costs, you will enjoy more flexibility. Also, you can take advantage of early bird offers from the organizers. Businesses that leave it too late to arrange their exhibition often incur extortionate rush fees. Early planning gives you time to find value-for-money suppliers and services and to negotiate better rates.

Using a modular exhibition stand, you can easily customize the dimensions to fit various exhibiting spaces, so you can utilize it for multiple events. Although you may have to spend more initially, you will undoubtedly save on new stands over time.

Consequently, you will be able to plan and design the flexibility for your graphics and stand structure from day one. As a result, you can use the same stand at every conference or exhibition no matter how different your space is from show to show.


Exhibition stands are expensive for one-time use. It is still worth considering using a reusable stand, even if you do not have any further shows scheduled. A reusable stand will have a longer life than just one show.

Exhibitors often overlook the fact that modular exhibition stands provide more ROI than custom stands that are built to be used only once. However, many companies inflate their modular stands' re-usability when they're not. Your exhibition stand does not have to look exactly the same if you use it again. You can repurpose your exhibition stand by talking to your designer, and they can create a stand that is unique every time you exhibit.


It is significantly less expensive to hire an exhibition stand instead of purchasing one. By renting a custom stand, you can achieve your goals while avoiding the extra costs associated with purchasing and storing stands. Alternatively, renting a stand can be a great option if you plan to exhibit at multiple events but want a different design for each show. This can be accomplished by changing the layout according to each event.


Your exhibition staff is your most effective marketing asset, and they can speak for your exhibit. As a result, you'll need to budget for staff expenses. Besides paying your staff, you should also consider training them. Since your company and brand will be represented at the event by the people who work at your exhibition, it is essential that you invest in the right staff.


Choosing an exhibition company that does every aspect of your exhibition in-house is without a doubt the most cost-effective method of exhibiting. Any exhibition company outsourcing stand design, graphic design, and printing to third parties are essentially paying them to do it and adding a markup to the cost. An alternative would be to find everything else yourself and use the exhibition company's in-house services. If you hire more individual services, your exhibition will be more expensive. Any good exhibition will take care of all aspects of your exhibition stand process, without any risky sub-contracting any service to outsiders. This not only means you don’t get charged an unexpected markup on prices but also guarantees quality control for your exhibition. For more information, please visit Exhibition stand Designs.


Any exhibitor who has ever participated in an event knows that many hidden costs are involved, including the electrical costs. Due to the fact that you have to book these services directly with the show's electrics contractor, the rates you pay are not in your exhibit stand designer's or builder's control. But it is always a good idea to discuss electrical costs with your exhibition company at the quote stage. With fewer technology requirements at your exhibition, you will need less electricity and pay less. Reduce your electric costs by using fewer non-essential appliances and using fewer outlets. A large AV display and interactive technology will certainly strengthen a stand, but if your budget does not allow it, then we recommend leaving them out of your exhibition package.

Using the tips in this guide, you should have been able to make considerable savings on your budget. Therefore, you will be able to invest extra funds in designing exhibition stands that will attract attention at the show. Being the most trusted exhibition stand designers and builders in Dubai, We at Creative Roots offers an unbelievable and extensive selection of unique design ideas and features that will help your exhibition stand out and draw prospective customers.

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