Why Are Fire Doors Important?

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  • Published November 10, 2021
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You cannot overlook the significant role a fire door play in fire safety. Fire is a major hazard to any type of property – industrial, commercial, and residential. When it comes to safeguarding these areas, there is only so much a fire extinguisher can do.

Fire doors are engineered safety devices, help to keep fires controlled in a specific to ensure the safety of the occupants of your commercial property or home, as well as essential documents, equipment, possessions, etc.

Fire resistance tests and ratings offer you guidelines concerning fire safety issues. Their objective is to assess the assembly and durability of the material used to contain a fire within a specific area, including to care for structural integrity.

A fire-rated door that is installed properly, along with fundamental ironmongery plays a major role in a building's reactive protection system. A fire door can tolerate fires for a few hours, providing emergency services ample time to extinguish the fire and salvage your property.

Besides their capability to bear up to fires and their extreme temperature, they are also tested independently for their resistant thresholds. If installed the wrong way or without unfitting hardware, you are putting occupants and property at risk.

A fire door that is not fitted correctly may only endure approximately five minutes during a fire scenario. For that reason, you should make sure that your fire door is compliant and have the correct rating. Fire resistances speak of the materials used or the construction namely the distinctive elements in a wall such as sheathing products, insulation, siding, etc. The following British Standards relating to the assessment of fire doors: BS 476- 22: 1987 and BS EN 1634-1:2014 and determine a fire door rating such as FD30 or FD60. Often you will notice the letter ‘s’ after FD60 or FD30, for instance, FD30s. The ‘s’ indicated that the door has been fitted with smoke seals.

When installing a fire-rated door or multiple at several exits and entry points in your building, you can give your residence or facility an all-embracing fire safety plan. When it comes to fire doors, there is more than one way you can benefit from them. They facilitate the efficient and fast evacuation of people in case of a fire emergency, limit the damage done to a property, help to constricting the fire to one place along with smoke and toxic gases emitted, and can safeguard your commercial or home not just from fires but also from potential treats and burglars as well.

Even though fire doors make the most sense in a commercial or industrial facility, a lot of residential premises can benefit from them too. To increase your fire protection plan, it is important to pick the ideal location or installation, one that offers the best protection without hampering a fast exit for instance exit and entrances that provide access to corridors, doorways that separate different buildings, exits that open to stairwells and elevator shafts, and between non-hazardous and hazardous spaces in factories.

If you have been considering up upping your fire safety plan, then installing a fire door is the best approach. According to the Fire Safety Order, your fire safety equipment for example fire doors should be inspected and maintained regularly. Keep in mind that they are an important element of your building’s safety, aesthetics, and structure. Appointing the correct company is a must if you want your fire doors to work well and having them inspected every six months by an FDIS inspector is important to ensure that they are maintained and still compliant.

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