How to Use an Electric Paint Sprayer?


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  • Published November 12, 2021
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Electric paint sprayers are an essential power tool for home maintenance. Paint on walls, furniture, and cars tends to peel off over time, so we need to refinish them, and the tool you need to use to do this is a paint sprayer. It is easier and faster to paint houses and furniture with a paint sprayer than with a roller or brush. So, How do you use an electric paint sprayer?

The following guide will give you detailed instructions on how to use a paint spray gun correctly.

Steps for using an electric paint sprayer

The first step is to pour the paint

First of all, when we use the paint spray gun we should first mix the paint to be sprayed and shake it well, then pour the paint into the paint cup on the paint spray gun, make sure to pour all the paint into the cup and then encapsulate it to prevent the paint from evaporating later.

Second step paint spray gun spraying

When spraying with a paint spray gun you should keep the gun at a distance of 20 cm from the object to be sprayed. To make the spraying out a little better, we should make sure that the sprayed out paint is wet or not, and the speed of spraying must be moved evenly to ensure an even spraying.

Step three paint spray gun cleaning

After each spraying is complete, the used paint cup should be cleaned, the entire spray gun must be dismantled and cleaned, press the spray trigger, and clean the entire gun by returning the remaining paint inside the gun.

Spraying tips

The gun should be in motion before the trigger is pulled.

Keep the distance between the paint sprayer and the workpiece constant, not far and near.

The paint sprayer should move at an even speed when spraying.

The starting point of the first spray stroke shall be the same when spraying the same job.

The surface of the workpiece shall be completely covered with wet paint.

The amount of overlap between adjacent spraying strokes should be consistent.

The number of spraying strokes should be consistent for the same workpiece.

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