What is a Level 2 Electrician & Why You May Need One

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  • Published October 19, 2021
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Our dependence on electricity has provided us with both benefits and liabilities. Our whole households are mostly run by electricity. We have devices and appliances that make our lives easier and guess what, they’re also powered by electricity.

This kind of dependence can be a cause of major problems if our supply of electricity goes to a halt for whatever reason. The best way to counter and prevent any power disruption is by regularly conducting maintenance and emergency repairs when necessary.

Electrical-related jobs are not for everyone. You wouldn’t risk touching damaged electrical power systems and their components if you don’t have the proper training. Not all regular electricians are fit for the job either. What you need is the services of a Level 2 electrician.

What is a Level 2 Electrician?

A Level 2 Electrician in Sydney is an ASP (Accredited and Authorised Service Provider) certified electrical specialist who can handle jobs that are unique to him. The certification is provided by the electricity authorities of Australia and has three different levels namely Level 1,2, and 3. This privilege makes the Level 2 electrician the only professional who can do certain electrical-related tasks on residential, commercial, and industrial types of properties.

Advanced electrical jobs entail higher risks and dangers. Thus, only those that have undergone complete Level 2 electrician training and certification are allowed to install, repair, and maintain these electrical components. In addition, the services of this type of electrician have added insurance and warranties that could also benefit you.

Services Only Level 2 Electricians are Allowed to Provide

To make it clear, all electricians residing in Australia need to undergo the ASP program and have to take the training course as well as pass the exams before the certification is handed down to them. An electrician may have decades of experience under his belt but without the accreditation, he can’t perform specific electrical tasks on the job. If you’re looking for a company of expert electricians, look for one that has Level 2 electricians within its ranks.

According to Gordon Powers, their team of Level 2 electricians, are allowed to do the following jobs:

Disconnection and Reconnection to the Main Power Line

Level 2 electricians are the only persons allowed to disconnect or reconnect the electrical lines from your property to the main power line. This specific task is necessary whenever the need for upgrade and safety tests is implemented.

Relocation and Upgrade of Underground Service Lines

There are situations that would require an upgrade and/or relocation of your electrical systems. Renovations, construction of new structures, or essential system upgrades like a transition from a single phase to a 3-phase system would necessitate the need for a Level 2 Electrician.

Work on Overhead Service Conductors

This type of service has accompanying dangers and would certainly require the services of the experts. Working on overhead service conductors require high-level knowledge and expertise. Level 2 electricians will carefully examine the situation and will determine the type of cables, equipment, and protective mechanisms to allow the safe flow of electricity through these conductors.

Operation of Network Operator Service Equipment

Your local electric provider has initially installed devices and fuses to ensure the safety of your property from electrical hazards. When these safety devices get damaged or have exceeded their lifetime, the need to replace them is unavoidable. Only Level 2 electricians are allowed to remove the security seal and replace the damaged parts. Removing and installing regular and smart meters are among the tasks included in this service.


There will come a time when the need for an electrical specialist will be necessary. Think of scenarios where you won’t be able to use your appliances, won’t be able to charge your gadgets, and there’s no power in the house. You wouldn’t like it, would you? You’ll need to think smart and act fast. Electrical problems are not something to scoff at.

Don’t try to gamble by hiring inexperienced and non-accredited electricians to handle such delicate tasks. Do the right decision by only tapping the services of ASP accredited Level 2 electricians. And lastly, you’ll be glad you’ve read this article.

Jennifer Lee is a content marketing specialist at Gordon Powers. The local electrical company specialises in level 2 electrician services in Sydney, providing reliable solutions to both residential and commercial properties.

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