Pyramid Energy and the Energy Around Us

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  • Author Marty Hopkins
  • Published November 19, 2021
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Pyramid Energy and the Energy Around Us

Like a lot of people, I have been intrigued with pyramids and the energy they produce. I was first introduced to pyramid energy for healing in 1975 when I tabbed my elbow on a sheet of plate steal and it about dropped me to the ground. My elbow stiffened up to the point that I couldn’t use it. A friend told me about a pyramid pad that I could buy, so I decided to buy one and try it and I would use it about 2 hours a night and within one week I could bend my elbow and within two weeks it was like I had never injured my elbow at all. At that time, I knew there was something in credible about pyramid energy for healing.

So, I decided to try an experiment using two glasses of milk. I used the same carton of milk and filled the glasses about half full. Put one glass on the pyramid pad and one on the table. It was a hot July day, so I went off to work and when I came home and looked at the glasses of milk on the table the milk was yellow and had a foul smell. The one on the pyramid pad had bubbles all around the inside edge of the glass. I knew the reason for the bubbles in the milk was because there had to be activation of molecules. I drank the glass of milk and it tasted like it had just came out of the cow. At the time I didn’t understand a lot about pyramid energy and the healing properties. But after over 40 years retaining knowledge and preforming experiments. I have a far better understanding of its healing ability. And the good it can do to help the medical field. Pyramid energy is not a cure all and we will always need doctors and nurses and modern medicine, but I believe that pyramid energy can reduce the workload for doctors and nurses. I’ve found out from my experiments that when I increase and pulsate the pyramid energy the healing time is decreased down to minutes. Normally it can take years, month’s, days or even hours to heal an injured area. But by increasing and pulsating the pyramid energy it decreases the healing time.

If using pyramid energy on black and blue bruises, two hours of treatment can dissipate the bruise over night to a light tan color. From the inside out, not like normal bruise healing.

I’ve used pyramid energy on muscle cramps for 4 hours before and have never had muscle cramps again. There isn’t an athletic or sport team in the world that shouldn’t be using pyramid energy for muscle cramps and pulled hamstring. Pyramid energy can work for Sciatic Nerve, Carpel Tunnel pulled Ligaments, pulled muscles, tooth ache, minstrel cycle, headache, heart, and I believe it would work for brain disorder. When heart tissue is damaged it’s not uncommon for the pyramid energy to warm the heart. This is because of molecule in motion, friction crates heat. This is a sign that the heart is damaged, and the pyramid energy shouldn’t not be removed until the warmth has resided. Heat will also a cure when pyramid energy is applied to cancerous areas. Cancers, bacteria, infections and possible parasites cannot survive molecules in motion. Pyramids are a separator, condenser of the energy around us. The energy around us is an enter action of positive and negative magnetic current. That very enter action is though out the universe and there would be no living life form without it. The North and South poles are not balanced, they are not equal on our planet. If you take a magnet and test the North and South, they are equal but if you take two magnets and set one on a table and put a nail between the two magnets and move the top magnet until the nail neither goes up or down. That’s 52 degrees, the great pyramid of Giza was built at 51.8 degrees. If you pull energy, it’s called negative pressure and if you push energy, it’s called positive pressure. If the magnetic current were equal on our planet, I would think that the angle of the nail would come out at 45 degrees. But it doesn’t it is 7 degrees greater on the negative side. That means there’s 7 degrees stronger pulling side to create gravity.

The great pyramid of Giza used energy off the negative side of the 52 degrees energy field to increase the energy needed. When I use pyramid energy for healing, I build all my pyramids at 52 degrees and only use DC current because I want equal balance in the energy for healing.

It would be interesting to preform that test on another planet and to see what angle the nail comes out to.

Albert Einstein said pyramid energy rejuvenates, how does the energy know how to rejuvenate. That’s a good question. I started thinking about all the great minds though out history and they all said they would go into a trans and tap into a knowledge source, then I started thinking if they tap into a knowledge source and we are surround bye the energy around us the very energy this gives everything in the universe life, why wouldn’t that be the source of all knowledge.

Nicholas Tesla was caught up in an energy field he created, and he could see the past, present and the future. How could anyone see the past if it wasn’t being recorded in the energy around us. Where else could the knowledge source be other than stored in the energy around us, right down to ever molecule in your body. All knowledge though out history is recorded in the energy around us, no stone unturned and everything you want to know.

Pyramid energy puts molecules into motion, they’re unstable when in this state. Molecules in motion turns solid granite into caulk, has ability to polish, bond material that normal will not bond, unlimited power, metallurgy and create antigravity, ancient technology was forbidden for meek to use. All technology was controlled by leaders. As it should be now, only controlled by Government or science, the possibilities are endless and can change the world.

We have an unlimited amount of energy around us that can be used at our disposal and never run out of energy. Energy is easy to create and can produce its own power to run itself.

The only time that I have ever seen where Pyramid Energy doesn’t work is because people don’t apply it and use it as much as possible.

I have included my contact email for any institute that would like to develop this technology to help better life for all.

Marty L. Hopkins

I have spent most of my life researching and testing Pyramid Energy for healing and made some amazing discoveries in the years. I hope to help the medical field and other fields of science, My birth place was in Iowa and moved to Oregon when I was around 4 and have lived here ever sense. I was intrigued with magnets and magnetic current at an early age and I feel I have always been able to feel the energy around us.

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