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  • Published October 27, 2021
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Where to throw away electronic items that are no longer useful for us?

From time to time everyone is asking themselves how to get rid of old or damaged electronic devices?

All these not useful electronic devices are called e-waste.

E-waste are the fastest growing problem among all kind of waste.

People around the globe are generating millions of tons e-waste per year.

This huge amount of waste is very toxic and dangerous for natural environment because they contain harmful materials such as lead, cadmium, chromium, toxic fumes, which are toxic. All that materials are especially dangerous when they leak into soil, water, and air.

Electronic items

Every of us use electronic items on a daily basis, starting with mobile phones, televisions, laptops, printers, lamps, electronic tools, air conditioners, washing machines, fridges, game consoles, etc. but what to do when an item is damaged?

It all depend on the type of e-waste we have to throw.

You can recycle it or dispose. For example, if you have old mobile phone that is still functioning, you can recycle it, but if you have broken fridge that reached end of its life you opt for disposing.

Always are two ways, recycling or disposing. What to do with your damaged item, it depends on size. If e-waste have small size, you can take them to the waste and recycling centre.

If you have to throw away big size electronic item, like fridge or wash machine, you have to hire house clearance company, and they will manage your e-waste.

A professional company with proper van and equipment will remove your e-waste quick and correct with law rules.

If you live in London and need help with your e-waste, contact with We Clear Everything.

They are also offering office clearance service if you ever need to dispose of some old printers, computers or projectors. They will happily do the job for you.

Donating not useful electronic items

You can donate to charity all electronic devices you no longer use. In that way you don’t add your electronic items to already massive e-waste.

Donating items to charity shops or to charity organizations that help people in need is a fantastic idea, and from this step you should start action with own e-waste.

Before give an electronic device to a charity shop or to recycling, always make sure you clear device of any personal data there you may hold.

Hopefully this few tips will help you in the future with recycling your electronics from home and office.

More information about electronics recycling and office clearance you can find at https://www.wecleareverything.co.uk

For people who have an office in London, I'd like to recommend environmental friendly, professional office clearance and cleaning services provided by We Clear Everything.

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