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  • Author Daniele Nazario Jr.
  • Published November 23, 2021
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Food shortage in the United States affects many people. Ten percent of American households suffer from not having enough food. That is over 13 million households! Around 9 million people die every year due to hunger-related reasons. Food shortage is a terrible issue that could easily be solved. This issue is caused by food prices going up, areas not getting the right foods, and farmers not getting paid enough, not allowing them to be able to properly produce their crops. This leads to not enough food being produced. Not enough food being produced causes the people in need to not be able to get the current nutrients that is needed.

Just during the Corona Virus outbreak alone, at-home food prices have raised over 3.5%. That may not sound like much, but these prices were raised at the same time when many lower-level workers lost their jobs. The rise in food prices and the rise in unemployment work together to make it to where people cannot afford to purchase the goods that they need. When these people are short of the food that they need, they will eventually starve. The rise in prices is due to the lack of crops being grown by farmers.

Due to weather and funding related issues, farming has been at a low. Every year weather changes and effects how the crops grow and how they will hold up. Also, due to the Covid-19 there is a lack of workers. So in some cases farmers would work hard all season long, and have no one to transport their crops. Without transportation to bring the crops in, no one is able to purchase the crops. Not being able to purchase these crops affects both parties. It affects the consumer because they cannot get what they need, but it also affects the producer. These farmers work day in and day out, trying to make enough money to provide for their families and to be able to start again the next season.

One other reason for food shortages is food being wasted. Over 80 billion pounds of food was wasted last year. That food could have served a better purpose to those in need. If the food that was wasted was used in the name of good, it could have saved the lives of those who died due to hunger.

Food shortage is a great issue. It is relevant all over the world and affects all types of people. This issue cannot be solved by just one person a one time. But if everyone came together, and did some simple deeds, the issue could be solved. One way that we can solve this problem. For instance, if people would start to work again, there would not be an issue of delivering food to those who need it. This would solve the issue of food shortage and the issue of farmers making more money.

Daniele Nazario Jr.

Mrs. Gunn

Honors 10th Grade Lit/Comp

October 29th, 2021

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