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After the invention of commercial epoxy resin in 1941, it got so popular that today in 2021, 90% of crafting industries are dependent on epoxy resin. Thanks to the nature of epoxy. Its highly versatile, weather-resistant, lower cost, and easy to mold nature makes it the best substance to be used in the commercial epoxy industry. However, epoxy isn't as simple a substance as you think. It involves a complex chemical composition and exact chemistry. For your ease, we've written an ultimate guide on everything you need to know about epoxy and its different forms:


A thermoset is a synthetic chemical polymer that changes its composition or sets itself into a solid position when the heat of a specific temperature or radiation is passed from it. However, once the thermoset is converted into a stable and rigid place, you can't reverse it back into the liquid position because it releases its polymers and forms a long chain reaction that isn't reversible in any way.

Moreover, unlike thermoplastics, thermosets remain solid because their density increases enough to categorize them into solid materials. But, the thermoset will melt at a specific temperature. For example, polyester resins, amino resins, and silicone resins are based on thermosets.

Epoxies and resin are also based on thermoset polymers and work on the definition of thermoset. Due to its high versatility, extreme flexibility, and extreme rigidity, epoxy resin is one of the most popular substances in the crafting industry.

Reason Behind the Versatility of Epoxy Resin

Now you might wonder what makes the epoxy resin so versatile that every industry prefers to use epoxy resin for their crafting? The explanation is complicated as it includes some chemistry. Here's the answer:

The term "epoxy" refers to the broad group of three reactive compounds fundamentally based on epoxy or oxirane rings. This ring is represented by a three-member circle containing an oxygen atom bonded with two atoms of carbon. Moreover, in graphical terms, it is characterized by three atoms interlinked through one oxygen atom.

Applications of Epoxy Resin

Some of the most popular industries where the use of epoxy resin is found are mentioned below:


In aerospace, the resin substance keeps the satellite structure solid and rigid while keeping the weight as low as possible. Moreover, it's usually used to stick two joints with each other because the resin is a highly tough substance and can bear up to 120x more force than its mass.

Protective Layer

An epoxy resin is non-porous and non-hygroscopic. This nature of epoxy marks it perfect to be used as a protective layer. Today, epoxy is also used as a protective layer on metals such as cars, aerospace structures, and many other products. This coating of epoxy makes those metals weather-resistant and increases their life by up to 30x.

Wood crafting

You might have seen the epoxy-designed wooden furniture on the internet or in any physical store. They are made up of resin and wood. Epoxy resin is known to be the perfect substance for wood crafting. First of all, due to being highly customizable, you can design your furniture in the way you want. Secondly, epoxy is a glossy material from a fundamental perspective. All these things make epoxy best for wood crafting.

Different forms of epoxy resin.

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