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  • Author Baudouin Deboulle
  • Published December 25, 2021
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Few things in life are as lovely as getting up in the morning after a good night’s rest. Sleeping properly can be traced back to different factors, one of which is undoubtedly the atmosphere in the bedroom, which includes the type of bedlinen. If you use the wrong bed sheets, pillowcases and covers, you may be irritable as you may feel you are cold, or, on the other hand, too hot and sweaty – as a result of having chosen the wrong linen.

Individuals and families that use bed linen made from natural fabric such as linen made from flax, often report a feeling of luxury, also because the fabric seems to offer features such as breathability which may help to keep one’s body cool in warm weather and warm in cool conditions. On top of that bed linen and other items made from flax linen are easy to wash and clean.

Because of its natural, almost informal look, the linen fabric has ensured that a certain style has been created around its appearance. For many, it is specifically about this look – in addition to great qualities such as that it outlasts many other fabrics. It is thicker than many and will, therefore, offer additional strength and remain good for use for many years – after numerous washes. After some time it may lose its initial crispness, but that happens only later on – after having washed the items many, many times.

Linen in the home environment is seen in many homes today, notably the bedrooms. Some people buy linen by the meter and make their curtains or bed linen, but most would try and find a good retailer to buy from.

There are many choices. In terms of sheets, you may decide on one type only, such as the flat sheet, or you may want to add fitted sheets to that. You may decide on a plain, standard choice, or one with extra detail such as, say, ruffles, added to your flat sheet. You may do the same with the pillowcases – either plain or with ruffles, bows and other additions to help you individualize your preferences.

There are many options, especially if you come across a good designer and manufacturer to buy from. You want to know you approach a retailer that offers quality, many choices and a good reputation as a trusted service. Because linen is considered for its special qualities and features, it makes sense for many to deal with a recommended service – often an exclusive company that listens to the requirements of their customers. Therefore they will, as opposed to a factory where thousands of pieces are manufactured, be more agreeable to produce items made to order, in a style that the customer likes, in a specific size that is not standard, and in the colour that is requested.

This is true, too, for other bed linen items. Think beyond sheets and pillow slips. Think of linen duvet covers, with or without ruffles, borders and other features, bedspreads quilted or not, a choice of bed skirts. Also, because there are many more followers of pure linen fabrics now than in the past, there are more options, in different sizes whether you are looking for sheets for a single bed, a double or queen size for that matter. The list goes on.

What sets linen apart from other fabrics, is a combination of aesthetic appeal and practical use. It is easy to clean and cover your beds without having to take out the iron, it looks beautiful and cannot be mistaken for another fabric.

Linen is not new, but only in recent times has it started to make headlines in many more countries than a few decades ago. It is now found in homes all over the world.

About Us:

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