Why Grass-Fed Beef Makes a Difference

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  • Published February 18, 2022
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Why Grass-Fed Beef Makes a Difference

Did you know that you could be risking your health by purchasing processed meats from the supermarkets? We are going to tell you the reasons why you should instead switch to eating grass-fed beef. Eating pasture-raised meat can help prevent or manage debilitating illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, obesity, heart disease, etc. Read on for more reasons.

Grass-fed beef has No MSG

Monosodium glutamate (MSG) has been in existence for about half a century now. When scientists introduced it to the public, MSG was considered a spectacular food enhancer. This substance is more than just a seasoning such as pepper or salt. It can improve the flavor of feed, making processed meats taste better and smell fresher.

However, studies have linked MSG to some side effects. One of them includes headaches, which happen due to increased blood flow to the brain.

No Antibiotics

Farmers are feeding their cows with feeds that contain antibiotics to enhance efficiency and boost growth rate. But, some studies suggest that using too many antibiotics in food-producing cows isn’t all good.

According to these studies, it can increase resistance to bacteria or superbugs. That can cause dangerous illnesses to humans who feed on their meat. Unfortunately, the meat industry won’t change anytime soon. So, switch to grass-fed beef to stay away from any health risks that could come with the use of antibiotics in animal feeds.

No hormones

Livestock producers are using artificial hormones to help animals gain weight. While these hormones may not pose any risks to humans, higher levels than the recommended amount can be dangerous. It’s not easy for farmers to ensure that they use the right amounts of hormones. That poses health risks to humans.


Farmers are discouraged from using genetically modified feeds such as soybeans and corn on animals. Unfortunately, that’s what most of these modern animals feed. There may not be any studies confirming any adverse effects of cattle-fed GMO crops on the resulting meat. However, too much of these artificial feeds could still pose some risks to our health.

Grass-fed beef makes a difference because it has no MSG, no antibiotics, no hormones, and no GMO. If you care about your health and family, consider switching to grass-fed cattle meat. Besides, studies have shown that grass-fed beef can have up to 6 times Omega-3 fatty acids compared to feed-lot beef. In other words, you’re like to enjoy more health benefits while feeding on "natural" than when feeding on "artificial" beef.

Our small family farm here in Michigan started with a desire to provide farm-fresh meats to customers in our local area. We started selling our grass-fed beef at local farmers’ markets in 2007. With over 50 years of farming and animal husbandry experience, we have always prided ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and amazing meats.


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