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  • Published January 18, 2022
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How to choose the right removal company is the most popular question amongst people who are preparing to move.

Nobody wishes for an unwanted surprise while changing a place of living.

I prepared a short guide to reduce your stress while moving.

Here are some tips and tricks to get reliable removals in London as well as any other place in the world.

Check reviews and opinions

The first step when choosing removals in London are to read any reviews on the internet or local newspapers. You can check Which?, Trustpilot, Google, and Facebook reviews to help you decide. You might find 5-star company in no time.

Ask for recommendations

A good idea is to simply ask your friends and family if they know any good removal company they used in the past and can vouch for.

This is the safest and trustworthy way of selecting people you will have to trust with your belongings.

Check how long they exist on the market

Companies with longer experience that exist on the market should be your go-to. Always choose experience over cheap and new companies you never heard of and that have not got many good reviews.

Check complaints' procedure for the company

Your chosen removals in London should belong to BAR (British Association of Removers) or The National Guild of Removers and Storers. BAR promotes excellent companies that offer the highest quality service.

Check company’s licence

An important element while deciding on is a company licence. If you want to hire a company for a bigger move it is likely they will need an Operator’s Licence. Without it, they can only use small vans and the move might take much longer than expected. So always check what sort of licence your chosen carrier has.

Check if they offer insurance

It might be the last thing on your mind while packing and booking everything but remember to check the level of insurance the company have for your belongings while in transit.

You can also ask your own insurance company if you should arrange extra cover or not.

It will make you feel better knowing all your valuables are protected.

Check what sort of equipment and car they use

Another element worth asking is the type of car removal company is using. It might be too small or too big to park in front of your property without a special permit.

Check if they offer packing boxes and extra services (house clearance)

It might seem obvious that you need to pack everything before the removal firm comes and start the move, but quite often companies like that offer extra services. They might include in price all the boxes and packing material you will need such as bubble wraps, covers, labels, tape, etc. Sometimes removals offer storage options if your new place isn’t ready, or even house clearance. They will collect everything, move it to your chosen place and clear everything that you want to throw away from the old place. Things that are still in good condition will be reused or donated to charity shops, and any other rubbish that are beyond repair will be properly disposed of.

If you follow these few rules, nothing bad or unplanned should happen during your removal time.

Good luck, and we wish you a smooth removal time.

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